In an attempt to find Thespian stuff, I went on a weird nostalgic cleaning rampage in my room. I've thrown out most of my college stuff and various papers from 8th grade-junior year.

Though I am keeping some fun compositions.

“Remember, South Dakota is located conveniently south of North Dakota.”

I got a C on that paper.

I found a great quote I wrote down sophomore year:
“Today the assertation that life is meaningless no longer comes from existentialist philosophers who treat it as a shocking discovery, it comes from bored adolescents for whom it is a truism.”
-Peter Singer

It also seems that Gerb was 3 when the War of the Worlds came on the radio.

And the name of the movie with Callista Flockhart puking in jars is The Secret Life of Mary Margaret.

I've been wondering that for awhile.

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