if wishes were horses…

I was going to make an entry about how I should be doing other things instead of making a deadjournal. Then I did the other things first, so now this could be about how it's 11:30 and I should go to bed, but I won't. Instead, I'll just write… I spent seven+ hours in a […]


punk covers can be really cool (allister- fraggle rawk), really strange (german punk covers… well.. techno if you're talking about rubber ducky), or really really funny. I say funny because I just downloaded A New Found Glory's cover of “So Happy Together.” *snicker* It's… just… well, download it and see for yourself. New Found Glory […]

ahh, deee-lightful

spent debate in the library talking to emma. she's a swell girl, as long as it isn't midnight and she's deadjournaling… hehe i decided i wanted to update my interests, so i did that, and i also wanted to share some humorous things i found here, as made by the illustrious kstraub. Forgive the blasphemy […]

hey there mr. blue sky

I'm an ELO fan now. Just so you know. Zee world iz a crazy place zometimes. Wie wie. My reediculous french ackzent iz coming along nizely. Ahnest. (Just ask anyone I tortured with it yesterday.) My new part in the play is actually amusing and I've got my lines more or less. I'm ready for […]