*sings it's a small world afterall*

topher: you wouldn't by any chance know of a pseudo hippy commune called the fish farm on the outskirts of lincoln would you? And after all, you're my Wonderwall: I've heard of it. I think I'm going to live near there Haha. Crazy man, crazy. April 18th will be the best day of my life. […]


and my computer has imploded yet again… there was this nasty registry error about a year ago. i planned on reformatting as to avoid further problems. i didn't. and now I have another one. so I have to reinstall crap so I can back crap up and actually reformat. or will I? dun-dun-DUN! And after […]


Prom is so gonna fricken rock. I wanna wear this: or for less than half the price: silk vs. cotton. Both very snazzy. $148 for the first, $63 for the second. That's really not bad at all. Especially versus how much you pay to RENT a tux and I'd be buying this. I'm fricken excited!

i was searching for donnie darko quotes…

“While most of the film's tone rests on a reworking of 80s sci-fi, there are also allusions to other schools of filmmaking. Macabre directors David Lynch and David Cronenberg are likely influences; there are Lynchian moods throughout the film evident in some uncanny narrative scenarios, lighting techniques, camerawork, and the obvious theme of suburban dystopia […]


And I'm registerred for fall classes as a (pre-)graphic design major in the honors program. And I saw my first concert, which was Flogging Molly and which was free. Nothing must make sense.

how quickly things change…

where are you andy? i'm going insane. the fact that your msn logs on for a second and disappears makes my paranoid mind go beserk. i've never really missed anyone this much before. *weeps* augh. a week ago i couldn't have been happier. now… this. not to mention today's weather. it was damn depressing. and […]

a life in pictures

Omaha was good. Sadly my first date didn't pan out, but there are reasons. (I heart you Andy and I hope you are okay, and I definitely hope your friend is doing better.) So, I got home and with nothing better (that I wanted) to do, I made this: That's me. Kindergarten – 11th grade. […]