Erm.. ignore the subject line.

This is one of those dream posts, just to let you know.

So, anyway, last night I went to the Red Rooster again. It was weird, because while I was there, I was thinking about the fact that the only other time I'd been there was in a dream. Ironic! It looked more like the “real” Red Rooster this time, but still not quite. There's only one side with windows, right? So anyway, I got to “hang out” with the Dan for a little while. His hair was in a ponytail and he had on sunglasses… Heh. Wonder where my brain picked that up. I think I was waiting for Steph, but too afraid to ask where she was. It was neat. Better than my first visit.

In another dream, I took a road trip to Minneapolis with Christine K. Christine K. was a senior debater/interper last year that I kind of knew. Lots of people thought she was annoying. I thought she was kind of neat. Anyway, it was weird to be in a dream with her. And me driving… in Minneapolis.. I'm surprised we didn't die. At one point our goal was to get lost and piss off her parents. We ended up where we were supposed to and ran away from her parents and were wandering around a building. At that point the dream changed and I don't remember much of it. Some sort of sappy disney-esque goth romance I think.

I guess that's what I get for complaining about not dreaming for a few days!

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