I am currently at work, but due to the fact that Anna Marie is out for lunch and it is SNOWING in BIRMINGHAM, I have decided to post on livejournal.

I really need to pee, is anyone willing to help me with that? I wonder if I'll be getting stuck in any airports this weekend when I head to Berlin with Mike. I really need to find my maps again so we don't get lost on our way to the hostel. I am still amazed Heather and I caught the right train. I don't trust my luck to hold, even though it will be old hat.

It is becoming obvious to me how much freaking homework I have to do. Well, will have to do in the upcoming weeks. Also, I have not planned anything for spring break. I might just hang out in four places for four weeks, or one place for a month, or maybe I'll get a eurail pass… I want to relax with travel, not stress out. At least I don't need to book journeys for other people this time around, I think. Being alone for a month sounds scary, but maybe I will finally meet some people? I should just go to Prague for a month and teach myself Czech and write a lot. I could take a train to Berlin for the weekend or something. AGH. Sir Toby's is fully booked from March 25th until forever. shitshitshitshitshit. There goes that plan. I am now too afraid to look at hostels in other cities. This is bad.

Wasn't I saying a second ago I didn't want to stress out about travel?

The snowflakes are growing larger, but my hopes for spring break grow dim. agh

Prague wasn't that whimsical anyway. If I get a eurail I can reenact certain scenes from Before Sunrise? gr.

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