“horses, horses, all around me… HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Now, keep in mind, this was post-freezing to death at Stonehenge. Those are the kind of phrases that make this year so wonderful. I must admit, however, that of any place I could freeze to death, Stonehenge is on top of my list.

(lots of people are talking about Topher Grace being hot nearbye. I love hostel lobbies.)

I hope my pictures turn out; I have finally decided to start using my SLR again. Oh well, even terrible pictures of Stonehenge will be kind of cracking.

These group trips are making me kind of depressed, and I do not know why. Egh, I feel a lot better today than yesterday, and even yesterday was a good enough day. I think the sleeping situation is just the annoying bit. My opinion of some people on the trip just lessens and lessens every minute longer I have to be in their presence.

I like naps, but naps are difficult with too damn many strange people. Especially when strangely paired in bed. I wonder where Mike and Bethany are; I'll probably have to fall into the river of Bath by myself tonight. Jolly good. I played Harvest Moon on the way to Stonehenge. I wonder if that makes me a big geekface? Nah, it makes me way cool. Agh here comes feelings of oddness. Maybe the chinese buffet from lunch is seeking its revenge on my face. Too much money has been spent evermore, evermore.

I still have a lot to write about that time I got trapped in the airport for 50 hours. I have slept in my own bed only twice in the last 10 days. One of those times only lasted two hours (Wednesday was foon).

To quote Kim Possible, so not the drama.

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