A week ago at this time I was hanging out in Odense, Denmark waiting for a train to Århus, Denmark where I would catch a bus with Cindy, Dominique, and Sean's cousin, I mean ManDIE to Århus Airport. Knowing what I know now… I would have brought my laptop and bought that damn fashion magazine. It was a fun 49 hours anyhow. It ended up providing me with many hot pix. I might need to reorganize that because the five scattered Berlin pictures just seem odd.

This weekend was a different journey with far fewer pomme frittes (aww). I did, however, see Stonehenge! And Bath! Roman Baths! I was about as culturally productive on my own as I was in Copenhagen (where I took a 15 hour nap). In Bath I ate some pizza, watched Mike buy junk food, and had a really saucy chinese buffet. Tomorrow I will probably go get my pictures developed. I ran out of film at a really interesting 12th century church on the edge of Broadway in the Cotswolds. Mike found an interesting souveneir there, well, i found it, but I let him have it. *cough*

Did I mention that I played Harvest Moon on the way to Stonehenge? I played Earthbound while driving through the Cotswolds. I also retyped some memoir stuff about Århus, but it is not close to finished. I also do not feel like relating that here currently. I am not in a writing/reflective mood, so why the hell am I updating livejournal? Oh right, because it is not homework.

I need motivation. Or speed. Probably speed.


p.s. I am so glad that I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight. In a few more days it's Berlin! Again!

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