SD 1522–1559: This is where I should once again mention I have not social distanced in agesssssss. Still, the world is unhealed. Etc.

Let us see, what has happened since May 12th. I have ridden my bike some more and gotten sweaty and phased through reality.

I got another year older and now have less than one year until the big four oh. I mean two oh. Scary.

It was a great day with very last minute party planning as that is just how I roll. Did you know I was born on the same day as Loss?

I had some nice work happy hours.

I left the house various times and did various things. Those things mostly being going to Logan Arcade and having brunch.

Matt got a high score on the new John Wick pinball table. I also finally watched John Wick for the first time. Need to watch the others! You can never go wrong with Keanu Reeves in a suit.

Dane and I went to the Uptown Artwalk and saw Tara out painting on the street.

More brunch.

Our dear French friend Yann came to visit and stayed with us for a few days for the first time since the pandemic. There have been many boardgames in the past few weeks after a long drought. I won games of Mystery of the Abbey, Domino, and Fort which was very exciting.

Sometimes it rains.

Happy Pride Month from the office! Our big launch last month was successful but my stomach ache has not yet gone away. I am sure that is fine.

Today is not Saturday. I sat in and guested on a game of Dungeons & Dragons as a cool renegade skeleton with a big sword and a cool hat.

Season 2 of House of the Dragon (Hot D) premiered, so we invited over people to wear bad wigs and half-watch it, as one does. Not pictured: people.

Goodbye for now, and as they say, may Juneteenth be with you.

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