SD 1465–1521: Oops I missed April. Guess we really are back to “normal” (ahahahahahah) as these get further and further apart.

As I said in March, work has been crazy and that has only gotten more and more true. It seems like I thought stuff would be finished in April for the big May deadline. Oh, you sweet summer spring child. Though every made it through legal and is approved for distribution. The first, smaller site launched last week. The big site is supposed to launch tomorrow. Fingers, toes, and all my internal organs are fully crossed. This has really been the most intense project and period of my professional career. Hope I learned something(s).

It was Dane’s birthday and we didn’t do much, as is tradition. The day before is Andy’s birthday, so last weekend he had people over for a hang on his patio and I finally got to meet his two cats and rode my bike for the first time this year. After a mild winter it has been a cool (or just average?) spring so I have not felt motivated to get on the bike. I did do my first ride on the 606 this morning for Mother’s Day. My review: there were too many people.

We had to leave Andy’s a bit early to go see Belle & Sebastian for the fourth time at the Salt Shed. They really do put on an incredible live show that I cannot recommend enough!!!!

We unfortunately kept Dane up past his bedtime and he got a bit grumpy. A storm moved in as we were getting to the venue and it started pouring right as we walked in. Luckily the Morton girl has a giant umbrella to protect us all.

I also had my first bit of work travel at this job, going to Raleigh and back in a day for a new business pitch. And we got it! That is very exciting. It also means summer is going to be just as busy as the last six months. Oh well, who needs to catch their breath. Not me.

I also got called for jury duty and had to report for the first time in April. I ended up getting empaneled and seeing a full civil case and deciding it all just after lunch. Big day for the legal system!

I took a quick long weekend trip to Minnesota for my mom’s birthday and had some good nephew and niece time.

There was an eclipse with 94% totality in Chicago. I should probably travel to see 100% totality sometime in my life as I hear that is neat.

Sometimes it snows in April. Though this might’ve been March still.

As a little treat I sometimes go to Estereo or a neighborhood bar at 4pm on Fridays to fill out my timesheet after working 60 hour weeks.

Our brunch habit is out of control but at least the company is cute.

There is an exotic snack store in the neighborhood that charges too much. I bought this cute Pikachu sparkling water. I threw away the can so let us remember together via this photograph.

Also we are currently in the midst of a major geomagnetic solar storm with aurora borealis visible across the globe. In our dense light polluted neighborhood my camera was able to coax out this purple smear. Neat!

Well, that is all for now. May the 12th be with you, as they say. Happy day to your mom.

Oh p.s. Easter happened.

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