SD 1431–1464: Was going to try to write on the 13th to mark the fourth anniversary of the end of the world, but work continues to be very busy. Next week is a huge milestone followed by unending deadlines forever and ever.

This is all pushing for a big event in May so theoretically in April things need to be final and approved but we will be immediately rolling into additional updates so I am feeling very overwhelmed! Gotta keep eating the elephant one bite at a time, pushing myself forward, crying in the shower, experiencing personal growth, etc. Things have come a very long way in the past few weeks but as the broad strokes get filled in more detailed lists get created. “Finish website” (1 task) becomes “close 350 tickets” (2–3 heart attacks).

It was the warmest February on record. It was also one of the mildest/least snowy winters on record as well. All totally cool and normal things.

We had the big annual kickoff at work at the end of February which was great.

We had some friends over for a small Oscar’s party / Matt 40th birthday memorial celebration. He’s really struggling with the job search, and I feel bad I don’t know how to help him. It is a tough time to be looking for a junior dev job.

I had a TTE. My heart looks normal! No bicuspid valve.

Then I went to the dermatologist and I regret everything. Skin check was totally fine, but I mentioned the dry skin around my eyes and it has become a whole thing. I did a patch allergy test and apparently I am allergic to everything, including hydrocortisone / topical antihistamines. Ironic!! They are recommending changing all my skin products, switching detergents, bedsheets, everything. Technically even dark clothes dye could be a trigger, which is great since I wear primarily all black. I am not sure how to manage. I gotta buy some new stuff and see how I feel in a month or two to see if I can get any less strict. I am also kind of worried what the bill for all of this is going to be.

I did my taxes. Every year feels like there is some new thing to make me paranoid about getting audited even though I feel like I overreport stuff other people would just not mention. I paid TurboTax extra for audit protection which is probably more just me falling victim to their aggressive marketing. I love paying my taxes! Just leave me alone!

So four years. Wow. Much covid. Very world change.

We haven’t been back to Logan Arcade for a couple weeks since I have been buried in work and Matt is buried in Baldur’s Gate. We have played a couple boardgames, so that is a nice change of pace at least.

I made it up to the Leather Archives & Museum a few weeks ago to see a variety show put on some Slime Squad friends. We went out for drinks at Memories and Jackhammer after. Roger’s park really is far away. Crazy we used to go up there like every week. I am getting old! There’s a screening at the Archives today I was interested in but between work and travel time I will probably skip it unfortunately. Alas. Time to stop talking about work and time to start doing it. This post was merely prolonging the inevitable.

Illinois. The state is Illinois.

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