SD 1026–1040: Well, let us recount what things have happened since the start of January:

  • The days January 3rd through January 17th
  • End of list

Just kidding. We took down the Christmas decorations. I finally (finally) got my bivalent booster, followed by a very sore arm, several days of tiredness, really poor sleep, and not too much else. We had another Friday the 13th. Things happened in the world. That next recession is gonna come whether we like it or not, isn’t it?

I had a rough week at work (see above about poor sleep and Friday the 13th). Normal stuff, but a project I had been very nervous about, then was excited about, went back around to requiring more attention. More work to be done (always more work to be done).

Finally got back into FFXIV a bit after patch 5.3 and had enough hardcore gaming hours to make my wrist hurt. Go gamers go. Trying out some high end content. Not clearing, but you know it is the thought that counts.

I feel a bit disappointed about not meeting my 2022 reading goal on Goodreads. I blame my migraines that started in August for scaring me off. I have been on a streak of reading much faster in some sort of attempt to make up for lost time or at least beat my lower goal for 2022. After finishing The Secret History by Donna Tartt, here’s what I have been tearing through:

  • Ducks by Kate Beaton
  • The Every by Dave Eggers
  • Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

All have very much been hitting the spot with me, minor warts aside. We also watched Glass Onion, which I enjoyed immensely. Movies should be fun! And aware of their own dumbness!

I thought I had more to write, but I guess not. I worked myself up about Friday the 13th, given how for me personally (and for a lot of America at least) Friday, March 13th 2020 is when the pandemic began in earnest for us. No logical reason to be superstitious, but that is the thing about superstition, isn’t it? So many questions! I have deep insightful thoughts! I fear what that analysis that suggested Agatha Christie had dementia later in life would say about these blog posts versus my writing in high school or college. Not that I think my high school writing was great… I do just feel I used to be a bit more thoughtful? Poetic? In possession of a larger vocabulary?

These posts all feel very surface level, but part of that is I for some reason view them as a chore or task to get through rather than real time to become introspective. Maybe knowing no one is reading them paired with the chance someone could and judge me for them is a limitation. I have said I would be better off journaling privately but I keep doing this for some reason. Nostalgia for deadjournal and livejournal I suppose. I aim to come off as professional enough, but if you knew what was going to get you cancelled you wouldn’t have posted it I suppose! Exclamation point.

I have been trying to do #msaed every day again this year. It has been a lot of very half-assed posts because I am not giving myself any time to do something “real”, but that is somewhat the point / it is something at least. As part of that, I did my yearly Photo Booth video.

Gonna start drawing my face a bunch again to reset my art career back to college. That should probably fix things.

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