SD 1041–1074: Well it’s been a little more than a month. Didja miss me, the no one reading this? Note to future self: that is what I meant to write. Oh the brunches I have had since we last spoke! Weekend after weekend, swimming in table side mimosas. A true mess and joy to behold.

Let’s hit the highlights first and see if that makes me remember what else happened.

We had another Superb Owl party! It was sexy M&M themed, in memory of the M&M mascots being replaced by Maya Rudolph, which was an obvious publicity stunt that they announced was a publicity stunt before the Super Bowl even aired. What the fuck is the point????

Rihanna performed and everyone online apparently thought it was great but our guests were underwhelmed. We are just too critical I support. I forgot how many absolute bangers she has. We just wanted a costume change or three and a special guest. Turns out the special guest was a brand new pregnancy reveal! Which we thought couldn’t be possible since she just had another baby, but turns out it was real after all.

We thought it was going to be a slight disaster when we realized we invited almost 25 people to our small condo without enough seating, but then a bunch of people cancelled and it turned out to only be 11 people, which worked out perfectly. I made boob and penis M&M cookies that kind of melted. I am a very talented baker. That was probably my first time baking in like three years? I should really be doing that more.

We had lots of good snacks. We bought way too many chips so will someday far in the future finish those. (These are the interesting details I want to remember for the future.) In a post-brunch haze Matt and I ordered a bunch of glass penises we wanted to fill with M&Ms, but the holes turned out to be too small even for mini M&Ms so instead we used them for their intended purpose as drinking vessels. I made vodka lemonades. I am funny.

To celebrate the year of the rabbit, Myrth B’ussy (RIP) is now Myrth B’unny. He’s my silly rabbit.

Work wants us back in the office two days a week at the end of the month. Jokes on them though, I was already doing that!

I need to break up with my last freelance client. I no longer have any desire to continue doing graphic design. If I’m not going to put any passion into the work, it is time to let someone else take the reins.


Second big thing of the past several weeks is I took myself on a three day trip to Milwaukee for Presidents’ Day weekend! I am there now! For another hour! It has been a nice low-key trip. I brought a ton of stuff to do (books! VR headset! journals! legal pads!), and succeeded in doing very little of it. Did several drawings of middling quality. Caught two drag shows at This Is It!, my first ones since the pandemic and in years before that even.

My ostensible reason for coming up was to see an exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum “The Ashcan School and The Eight: ‘Creating a National Art’”. It was good! Inspiring to get up close and look at brushstrokes. I really loved the style of a bunch of the etchings on display as well. I had already forgotten just how big the museum is. I did a pretty thorough speed run in two hours, but several big special exhibition galleries were closed so could easily spend much longer.

To make up for lost time I went to This Is It! in Milwaukee three nights in a row and saw two drag shows.

The first one was spooky. It was great.

Gay bars!!! Life experiences!

I will have come back from this trip weirder and gayer, so mission accomplished all in all.

I have been consistently doing #msaed again this year. It has been pretty consistently awful. A lot of extremely half-assed word art posted from my phone near midnight. Even half-assed is generous. Eighth-assed. I have been doing a series of drawings on my phone. Not sure why I am doing it on my phone instead of my iPad. Success with constraints? I dunno. It has been fun.

I like the drawings, but they are kind of weird and I am probably going to get in trouble soon. But it has been awhile since I have gotten in trouble for weird things I do on the internet. I am overdue! I should probably anonymize myself more. Just asking for trouble that I don’t need. I try to keep things relatively professional, but I am a gay male, and I make gay internet art, which can be seen as inherently sexual and then be willfully misread as overtly deviant. Times are rough out there in the culture wars.

I should probably pause writing for a moment and walk over to the train station. Come back to you later, words! And when I am back, there will be pictures!

Ok back in Chicago now and I just went through and added pictures! You never even knew those were not there before! Is that not exciting? No AI could write this well!!!!! Until next time, buckaroos.

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