SD 1011–1025: In a recent Twitter poll, by a 72% margin it was declared that auld acquaintances should be forgot. Let that sink in.

I complained about Twitter in my last post but didn’t mention I tweeted what may(?) be last tweet three days prior. I have not posted since.

Let’s see if this makes any sense in a year.

Things are not getting better on that front. Tumblr is eating my brain to an unhealthy degree in replacement, which is something I will need to evaluate in the new year.

I went into the office for one last time the Wednesday before Christmas and snuck out at lunch for a visit to the Christkindlmarket. We haven’t had our group outing since 2019 which is a little sad, but at least I was able to get a small glühwein fix.

Then it got very, very cold. Sadly we did not get much snow with the chill.

After several week long trips to St. Paul this year, including for Thanksgiving, I opted to stay in Chicago for Christmas so I could spend it with Matt and Dane who are allergic to traveling for the holidays. We had giants steaks for Christmas Eve (meat sweats) and a delicious ham for Christmas Day. Jane and Tara also stayed in town since they’d also just travelled to see family recently. Twas lovely. Most importantly we had the annual rewatch of the Pee-Wee Holiday Special.

I did try to make some intentional use of my week off at home, which translated to trying to leave the house and spend time some time during the day at fun places like bar(s) and coffee shop(s).

Had a last minute impromptu get together of mainly people from Slime Squad for an IRL New Years Eve party, as opposed to our virtual gathering in Eorzea last year. Some of party was spent watching my nightmare home movies on YouTube. Fun for everyone! Or maybe uncomfortable for everyone and fun for me. Outlook hazy.

Matt and I were out until 4:30. I was assisted by a two hour nap mid-party.

Look how cute I am.

I spent most of my holiday break feeling bad about not being productive because my brain is broke. I did get back into Cities Skylines in a big way and played very little Final Fantasy XIV, however I did pop in to complete the Heavensturn special event. With the passing of Myrth B’ussy last year, I think 2023 will bring about Myrth B’unny. Year of the rabbit, here we come!

Well. 2023. I am feeling relatively ambivalent about the new year after all of the chaos of the last few years. I feel like I should be more concerned about the 23 numerology after it being such a thing during my teen years, but alas I do not have it in me.

I am working this Monday when most people have it off, but I suppose I won’t complain since I was off all last week. I am allowing myself to ease back into work and the new year. In doing some slight reflection on 2022 and what I want my resolutions for 2023 I looked back to my resolutions for 2022 and I did an okay job. I fulfilled maybe half or two thirds.

The biggest thing I failed on was traveling. I wanted to go to New York and had planned a Seattle trip for my cousin’s wedding which I ended up backing out on when I realized how expensive and cumbersome the whole thing was going to be. Another cousin is getting married in St. Paul this year, and I am an expert at going to St. Paul, so I have high hopes for that trip. I should try to make it to New York still. There have been multiple rumblings about Vegas. We shall see. 2023: We shall bunny.

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