SD 952–987: It was the turkiest of times, it was the lurkiest of times. Another four to five weeks of regret come and gone. Really should have paused and written sooner as now I shall be quickly gliding past Vincent’s visit, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!

We had our first houseguest since the start of the pandemic, and it turns out French Canadians do not like it when you shower.

As with most things in life these days, it started with a wedding in the award-winning MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

We had a lovely time at a friend’s blowout Halloween party. A bunch of us did a group Our Flag Means Death costume though regrettably we never got a group photo. Truly a regret that will live on forever. Nathan Fielder made some surprise appearances.

We had brunch.

And we bought a zoo.

I continued working remote three days a week and looking cute.

For Thanksgiving I hopped on the Amtrak again to spend a week in Minnesota. We celebrated my nephew’s birthday my first day there, along with the required trip to Pizza Lucé for brunch and Pizza Lucé delivery for dinner.

Then on Monday mom and I headed to her place in Mound for a few days so my sister could procrastinate on NaNoWriMo in peace and quiet. Instead her cold got worse. The Tridemic has truly arrived.

Working in my mom’s basement surrounded by my college art was… inspirational. Drawing like crazy again! Despite the short three day I week I managed to get more done (and had more to do) than expected.

While with my mom we watched A Christmas Story Christmas and Falling for Christmas which were unfortunately very, very bad. We also watched Weird, the Weird Al biopic, which was very, very good. I watched some gay movie on Prime I didn’t pay attention to and therefore was not very good, which was totally the movie’s fault and not mine.

Then Wednesday night had the traditional all you can eat sushi with college friends. Cindy and I discussed our respective LiveJournals, and apparently when I deleted mine, I really deleted it because all of my comments on her posts vanished as well. That does make me a little sad, even though the entries themselves are preserved… right here on this website.

Also, Greg was there! Had not connected with him in years, so it was nice to see a friendly old face. And he said that he was recently contact by ****. Gasp. He lives!

Thanksgiving dinner was lovely, even though our fearless chef, my sister, was sick. I keep feeling a slight tingle in my throat but hasn’t manifested as full sickness yet. Repeated COVID tests have been negative, so I think we are all just returning to seasonal colds as precautions like masking have fallen away. However, dinner was chicken instead of turkey and there was no pumpkin pie or stuffing. I was a brave boy and soldiered on.

Twitter continues to implode in a quick slow death. I have been more active on Tumblr for the first time in years as a result, as well as signing up for new fly by night social networks. Let’s see if anyone remembers what Hive was in a year. I keep saying I will figure out how Mastodon works, but that has yet to materialized.

Just had a fleeting thought that there might be a plugin that makes WordPress sites into things that can be federated onto Mastodon… hmm, if only I could force these posts onto an audience of 3–5 people. Tumblr might integrate with it soon too? The Twitterless future could be actually interesting.

Back in St. Paul we rewatched Ghostbusters II. As the kids say, I ain’t afraid of no ghost. I stumbled across Closet Monster on Netflix which is my new favorite movie featuring a hamster voiced by Isabella Rossellini. 10/10. It could have made some different choices that would have ruined it, so I am thankful it did not.

Tomorrow we shall have brunch at Alamo Drafthouse and see Disney’s first gay character, again, for the very first time. And on that note, I should probably work on having private thoughts but I won’t so here we remain.

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