SD 921–952: Another month gone! I kept thinking about writing. And then didn’t. Very interesting thoughts. I want to run all of these entries through an AI system as training someday so it can spit back out boring run on sentences about how it should have done something but didn’t because it didn’t feel like it. Fascinating!

Let’s see. What’s new? Matt and I are going out to Logan Arcade weekly, which is more than we went out pre-pandemic. Finally making a bit good on the promise that I’d go out more into the world once I was able to again. Here’s where I leave a sentence questioning whether I wrote this last time. Probably!

Matt is much better at pinball than me. Every week I think I’ll go home and watch some YouTube videos to learn basic strategy. And then a week passes and I haven’t. I have such interesting lists of minuscule tasks I still can’t successfully complete. At least I’ve been been playing Wordle regularly, which is making me 500% smarter. Especially all the times I fail. Eesh.

Still keeping up on going into the office twice a week. It feels normal. CTA ridership picked up a lot after Labor Day so I am running into more service issues with trains having long lead times or being too full to board. But I did that before the pandemic too! Nature is healing.

Work is going better. Workload has settled down a bit so I’m not feeling burnt out and after treading water for a few weeks on projects have gotten back into the right mindset and am making good progress. Got to a major deadline today that felt like would never arrive / I would never be ready for. Now just to cross my fingers and hope the client likes it. There’s some backend work I should keep on so I don’t fall behind again. It’s a project that I feel like I’ve been working on since spring since it’s had two parts which has made keeping momentum difficult. But now I can almooooooost see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a train barreling towards me!

Finally had brunch with Andy after not seeing him all summer. It was good! Friends are good! Then had dinner with Julie and the girls after almost a year of failed plans. It was nice. I still feel awful I didn’t get to see Bridget in person. I am so stupid for not making immediate plans. So so stupid. Aw, but what is a lifetime of regret? Sigh. Also got to spend an afternoon drinking with Barrett and went out for dinner after not seeing him since spring either. Still trying to return to a more “normal” sort of pre-pandemic social life. Despite the fact this pandemic will never end. Whee. Numbers go down so that they can later go up.

I got my first MPX shot. I still have to book my next COVID booster. I had one more migraine with aura after I wrote last but between eye drops, being more vigilant about light reflecting in my monitor, and the switch in blood pressure medicine from my doctor, they haven’t yet recurred? Knock on a thousand woods.

Finished Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor. I liked it a lot, but it felt slow to get going. That may be because it took me far too long to read because of my migraine fears. Feared focusing on reading too long in case it could be a trigger, even though screens seem to be more reliably the cause. Now reading Atomic Habits for work book club. I either gotta start reading a lot faster or I am going to fail miserably at my reading goal for this year. So nice I can’t trust my eyes anymore! Eesh.

Let’s see, what other media. Andor is very, very good. Los Espookys Season Two is great. Great British Bake Off is back! There was a Mexico Week. Eesh. Can’t believe it caused the Queen to die and Liz Truss to be booted from office after only six weeks. Tragic. Matt and I rewatched all the Scream movies which I liked more than I remember. There was a very fun scene in the 2022 movie, though I am annoyed by the existence of Judy Hicks’s previously unmentioned child. What was she doing making lemon bars for Dewey!!!!!

Lower Decks is great. Solar Opposites is hitting the right spot with me. I am trying to watch the last season of Community which I missed the first time around. Somehow never subscribed to Yahoo! TV. New Hellraiser has good bits. I am apparently very uncritical with my media consumption. Oh yeah, I’m also watching House of the Dragon. It’s fine! There was a o shit moment at the end of the most recent episode which apparently people hated but I loved. Oops. Very Holdo Maneuver territory.

I need to start drawing or pixelling or something creative again. Sad that I have fallen off of that train so hard. I did finally write my 2022 dev thing blog! Let’s see how long it takes me to do 2023. January! And change to modern technologies! WordPress!!! Yeah!!!!! Why am I not linking it here??? Who knows! It took me a stupid amount of time to write for how much effort it ended up requiring.

Halloween is coming! Vincent is coming! First time he’s been here since we got the condo! We’re going to a party! Lots of us are doing Our Flag Means Death costumes. We’ll see how mine goes lol.

I started playing Heroes of the Storm for some reason when there was a brief server outage in FFXIV. This was my one time getting MVP. I am not very good.

We’re trying to do extreme trials in FFXIV. It’s going… eh. Computer has been crashing reliably in the fight which doesn’t help things when I’m trying to run around being wrapped up in hair.

This is what peak video game performance looks like.

It’s spoopy season, binches.

Until next time, space cowboy.

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