SD 988–998: Trying to write more frequently / closer to when things happen again!

Things that have happened in the last ten days:

  • Saw Strange Worlds at the Alamo Drafthouse (it was good! I teared up! It’s performing abysmally! I do not think that that is a conspiracy theory however!)
  • Went for drinks with David at the 19 in Minneapolis. He’s big on twitter. And in real life!
  • Took the train back to Chicago. Delayed only two hours but made up one of those on the trip to Chicago miraculously.
  • Trimmed the new 9′ tree with color changing LED lights and finished putting up Xmas decorations
  • Finished Atomic Habits and participated in our work book club
  • Had our annual office holiday party! Wrapped my Secret Santa gift. It was ok but need to try for something more thoughtful next year. Got a very nice and thoughtful gift in “but first, coffee” wrapping paper of nice coffee beans, Earl Grey tea, and a book of drawing ideas. #msaed lives! Party was a blowout. Food was excellent and I ate lots of it, unlike last year. We were at Three Dots and a Dash so drinks were excellent. I drank from a drink on the bar with a giant straw. Wish I had a pic. Wish I had drank more. Lol. Stay tuned to the Washington Post to learn more. I notably did *not* win the hat for having the most fun this year. That means I can compete again next year.
  • Finished this year’s card. Fingers crossed it gets printed and shows up soon! Which would be way earlier than usually??? Now to start gift shopping until waiting until the last minute like I love doing.
  • Developed a slight cough. But totally not sick. And had a negative COVID test last week. Should take another one for old time’s sake.
  • Started devouring Donna Tartt’s Secret History. Want to read even more but still nervous about my aura migraines in August so have slowed down reading a ton. Not much time to make my Goodreads goal. Eeek. Time to get back into comics to fudge that goal.
  • Continued to procrastinate way too much. I like the projects on my plate! What is my deal, man??????

I like this bullet format but now I gotta shove a bunch of random pictures at the bottom. Hmm!!! If only I could find some sort of balance.

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