SD 901–920: Almost another whole month gone! Wowzas!!! My thoughts are insightful.

I’m fully in the hybrid groove now, having gone in two days a week since June. Finally had my luck run out with rush hour pandemic CTA service and was a few minutes late to work the other week because of train delays. But no one is really in the office so it does not matter!

It has been a semi-eventful few weeks, by which I mean I have left the house more than once. Went to a Labor Day Eve cookout at a friend’s place up north. Played beer pong which I was winning until I lost. SAD!

Had a big deadline at work pass which has meant a few slower weeks following. Now another big deadline this week… only got a few days left for my brain to remember how to work again (ha ha!). Have gone out a few times with Matt. We really are going out more than before the pandemic. Gotta appreciate the availability of the outside world while it still exists. I was supposed to get the Monkeypox vaccine but could not make my appointment. There are a lot more shots available now, so gotta figure out what schedule to do for MPX, COVID booster, and flu shot. Annual physical next week is gonna be packed!

After not really having them since childhood I have had two migraines with aura in the past few weeks. Both were on a Monday morning after my first meeting between 10:30 and 11. Very strange and disconcerting. Vision felt continually blurry so was worried something was seriously wrong. Had an eye doc appointment and everything looks physically healthy and my prescription is pretty much unchanged. She gave me some eye drop samples to try to see if it is a dry eye / eye strain issue from too much screen time. Feel like the reflection in my iMac has been worse lately so who knows. I do feel better knowing eye health at least looks fine.

Got a dentist appointment tomorrow and then that previously mentioned physical. September is when I pretend to take care of my body I guess. Just gotta figure out how to take care of my home some day.

Had a fun work event where we played shuffleboard and had tiki drinks. The same day Queen Elizabeth II died. Big day!

Biggest event in the past few weeks was Riot Fest! this past weekend. First time going and second ever music festival I have been to after Pitchfork. It was a much bigger experience than Pitchfork with five stages (and four simultaneous acts) to Pitchfork’s three and two. It was really good! Finally got to see GWAR, saw NIN, saw Sleater Kinney again, saw Jimmy Eat World play The Middle.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs played and I knew almost every song. Have I forgotten a period of my life where I listened to a lot of Yeah Yeah Yeahs? I also got to ride a Ferris wheel. Oh, and see the Misfits. And Yung Blood. Since I did not die that means I can start going to Lollapalooza now. Drinks were way more expensive than Pitchfork. Food was outrageous. Did make me appreciate the scale of Pitchfork a bit more.

In important video game news, after playing for almost four years I finally got reported for my screen name in Final Fantasy XIV and had to change my name. Sad! RIP Myrth B’ussy.

I gotta finish a blog. For 2022. Should probably bump that to 2023.

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