SD 858–900: Oopsie daisy there goes the rest of July and all of August!

We made our annual trek to Duluth and the Twin Cities and it was a really, really great trip. This year’s CONvergence is probably in my top two. A lot of things felt more “normal” (as much as that’s possible) and things are settling into the new hotel.

Oops started writing this and maybe I do not actually feel like writing now.

Duluth was also excellent. I did not repeat last year’s mistake of trying to work while on vacation. We went on long hikes almost every day, which really made me miss the city’s easy access to nature. You can’t go 10 feet without falling down a creek!

Let’s see what else. Spending too much money on restaurants. Still going out to bars a bit in what feels like more often than pre-pandemic. Had a wonderful block party at Anne and Renee’s. Made some progress on a freelance / pro-bono website I have been working on for over two years. Had my worst migraine in years and years. Was going to get my first Monkeypox shot this morning but cancelled due to said migraine. It looks like appointments are easier to come by now, so I will reschedule soon. I need to make an eye appointment. Had a weird Telehealth appointment. Been going into the office two days a week. Getting back to fake normal!

When will we, as a society, talk about all the insane shit going on in For All Mankind? Oh, also Game of Thrones is back, babyyyyyy. If you need me, I will be on my island sanctuary.

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