SD 813–824: Well, they got me gals. As promised I tested the day after my birthday, which came back negative. I had a sore throat all that weekend and slept horribly, feeling feverish but stubbornly refusing to take my temperature. I tested again the Monday morning I was back to work when I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a car and… positive.

Look at that dark black line! Since I’m a dumb dumb I still worked despite the fever and muscle aches. Luckily my workload was light and I was able to nap in the afternoon. I kept at that pace doing as little as possible and resting, but I never let my brain fully turn off. Not the best move, but I managed. Just too much internal guilt since I’d been on vacation the week before so felt like taking sick leave wasn’t an option. Except it was. It’s all in my head!

I got a big promotion at work on Wednesday, so that was exciting. Just a bummer that instead of coming back to work refreshed from time off I just felt beat up by COVID. I just keep feeling like I’m treading water at work instead of making progress and now I’m stuck in a procrastination loop. I’ve got two new big projects on my plate, but it’s at the start of the work with deadlines more than a week off so I don’t have that panic driving me to finish things yet. Trying to chunk the work into small pieces so I can cross off those incremental pieces.

There are several in person work things I am sad to have missed due to COVID. Silly me thinking that since I’d avoided it so long I was just going to keep avoiding it. Matt and Dane luckily don’t seem to have caught it from me. Matt’s probably outside his immunity window since he had it in December. Don’t know how Dane’s managed. It’s all dumb luck!

All my symptoms are gone for the most part, but I’ve been having dizziness even worse than before. That’s frustrating. Dizzy for two years, then finally resolved by at home Epley maneuvers. Then almost two years free from it for it to return for two months in a slightly different form. Then for that to pass for a month only to come back worse with COVID. What is going on with myinnerear. It’s fun that my vision goes black if I turn my head a certain way! And now the dizziness is coming even when sitting still or laying a certain way. Seems connected to my neck but who knows. Got an at-home MRI machine on backorder.

Dane bought me a gaming PC for my birthday. :O It does seem to run ActiveWorlds much better than virtual machines on my iMac. So much money to run almost three decade old software. Excited to do dumb stuff there once I have the energy/motivation for it. I’ve been playing Stardew Valley again which has been a nice break for my brain, even though the daily gameplay loop stresses me out. I know that’s the point. So rude to make me go home and go to bed every night. Haven’t had much motivation to do new FFXIV content.

I was so ready for a fresh start and to embrace summer and going out and doing things when I got back from Minnesota! But here we are. Still in a pandemic. Tested again this Monday and still had a strong line. Tested again today and it’s much fainter now. I’m past the CDC five and 10 day guidelines, but I’m waiting for the test to be clear before I go into public again. I’ll be ready to go out again just in time for the Chicago Monkeyp*x outbreak.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their pessimism!

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