SD 825–834: Well, I am free. Two weeks after symptom onset and 11 days or so after testing positive for the first time I tested negative, thus giving myself permission to once again venture into public. It was mostly three bad days of fever, aches, and sore throat, and about two weeks of feeling more rundown than usual. My intermittent dizziness did also come back worse than ever and has not yet left… so not sure if that is related or not. Fun! Generally feeling much better, however. Just in time to go back to South Dakota for the first time since the Obama administration!

It is going to be a weird trip. I need to see my dad and I’m overdue for seeing that side of the family after missing both grandparents funerals. Something I will probably regret for rest of my life. Sigh. I am not going at rising to occasions.

Since I waited a bit to book my travel, there were no trains when I wanted to make the trip and I guess I am still avoiding flying… so I will be in Minnesota for almost two weeks. Well, not really since I will be in South Dakota for several of those days. Still weird! I went back to the office for the first time this week since COVID, my birthday, and my previous time off. It was nice / a good break in my work from home routine, but I was a bit surprised that no one else was in one of the days. People are really taking the hybrid / it’s optional to come in to heart.

Hybrid means Work From Minecraft sometimes

Having that freedom is nice. In fact it’s what’s letting me work from Minnesota for another two weeks. I don’t know what I’m trying to say here. Just that whole living in unprecedented times things. Speaking of… shit is bad. I don’t have anything useful to add to the discourse. I feel frustrated, sad, helpless, angry. I too would like the dems to do… something. Anything. But I am also going to save my anger for the people actually responsible for this awful shit.

Been having more dreams again. Not been writing them down. So it’s a wash!

While recovering from COVID I basically didn’t drink for two weeks, which is something I haven’t done… ever? I mean I guess when I turned 21 I didn’t drink that regularly. So maybe since moving to Chicago at least. I seemed to sleep a little better but otherwise felt no different. So that’s probably a good sign? Means my drinking is fine? Idk. A good exercise regardless!

Feeling better has meant back to the office and back to restaurants. Things are expensive now! Did you know that? I am very observant and political. Haven’t seen any friends outside of coworkers though. Maybe tomorrow. Just in time to leave town for two weeks again. Did I mention that’s happening yet?

Why do I feel weird and have a cough today…. HMMMMM.

There is work to be done! I do not want to do it. I am feeling very restless. Probably because of… never mind. Why is never mind two words? Seems sus. Hmm. Did I have anything else interesting to say about my last week or so? No. But I needed to do something that felt semi-productive and writing this seemed like the best option instead of working up the energy to find a game to play. I want to just watch tv but feel like that’s admitting defeat on my Saturday if I lay down on the couch so I am resisting. I dusted a bookshelf and found a couple books to get rid of. That’s exciting, isn’t it? No? Ok. Neat.

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