SD 759–793: May the 15th be with you! We are back to being back to being back here except there’s no going back:

COVID numbers rising in Illinois as of 5/15/22

I’ve used this not-so-secret secret COVID wave as a reason to not be back in the office twice a week regularly yet, however that hasn’t stopped me from going out every weekend (which isn’t even something I did pre-COVID), seeing two movies (thus expanding on the pandemic-era quadrilogy: Boss Baby 2, Twin Peaks: Firewalk with Me, The Norseman, Everything Everywhere All at Once), and having brunch.

Work’s been tough with a long week due to being the sole developer working for three days (everyone’s getting sick!) and some other frustrations I need to do something about. Last week was a bit better with my first major site launch since October going relatively smoothly and some other small and midsize projects finally launching. Just gotta keep making progress in fits and starts.

We had friends over for Easter for the first time in years which was great. Matt and I have been hitting up last neighborhood dive bar standing Bob Inn more frequently. When I wait six weeks between these things I never know what banal shit to talk about.

Everyone’s tired and frustrated. Nothing is over. Nothing ever changes. Authoritarianism is about to win out. Russia could decide to start launching nukes at any moment. Brunch. I’ve lost the ability to have deep or critical thought so I generally stay out of it! Shit sucks. I’m in a privileged position. Saying shit sucks just feels pointless. So I do my little invisible things to try and not make the world actively worse. Oh the work left to be done!

The mandatory sentence about how I should writing privately to share my ~*~true deep thoughts~*~ (lol). I tore through books 4–6 of the Expanse and really want to finish out the series but forced myself to wait and switch to some other books for a bit. Working on Gretchen McCulloch’s (no relation) Because Internet which is fascinating. Though having been released pre-pandemic and with the speed of internet culture could already use a new edition. Zoom changed the culture and the book’s still talking about Skype! What a weird brand / product failure that story is.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is as good as people say it is. In personal connections: circles and nothing matters. Who knew it was a bagel this whole time?

Someone needs to put Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor’s faces onto the final scene of The Norseman. Hoping that’s what this new Kenobi turns out to be.

This was my hearstopper. This was my multiverse of madness.

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