SD 746–758: Happy April! This past week I went to the office two days in a row for the first time since March 2020! The “SD” counter of these posts is becoming less and less relevant. However, as predicted, we are back to this:

COVID numbers rising in Illinois as of 4/10/22

But that can’t stop us from making bad decisions like going out to brunch and bars again. Still haven’t been to a restaurant for dinner in who knows how long. Well, I guess I have late night post work event. So never mind. Wondering if they will roll out the second booster recommendation to everyone instead of just everyone over 50 or with secondary risk factors.

Seems like friends and acquaintances are catching COVID again even though the rise in numbers has been slight. I assume we’re at the start and that greatly reduced testing paired with increase in at home testing is continuing to skew the numbers. But who knows! I’m not an epidemiologist. Though I do have a twitter.

I have lots of work to do. Am I doing it? How about now? Last weekend I cleaned the bathtub. Yesterday I shaved my head and finished reading book 5 of the Expanse series while nursing a slight hangover. I contain multitudes.

It rained a lot this week. Then it snowed. I finally bought a raincoat. It’s not very cute.

Webster’s defines wasting the precious few hours we have on this earth until death as life.

Things? Do I want to do them? Not really. I haven’t even been playing the award winning MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV which includes a free trial up to level 60 that much. Just work, sleep, and question mark??? Gotta reclaim my time. Make bad art again. Instead of just feeling bad about not making bad art.

The new HBO pirate show Our Flag Means Death is very good. I am slowly trying to catch up on my Star Trek backlog. Who cares what the people say, I still very much like Discovery. I’ve really enjoyed the first few episodes of the new season of Picard and am enjoying the cast more than the first season even if this season’s storyline makes no sense and is actively frustrating. That’s entertainment, baby. I’m just a big Alison Pill fan. A Pillhead, if you will.

I started listening to the new podcast Argyletown per my dental hygienist’s recommendation and I’m not feeling it despite the amazing cast. Considering making a spreadsheet to understand which kinds of narrative fiction podcasts I do and do not like.

Went out to a bar Friday night with friends and pretended it was a normal thing we still do. Popped over to the Taco Bell Cantina. My first time there as it is meant to be experienced: late at night on the weekend filled with drunk people. Saw a girl throw up into her burrito wrapper. Nature is healing.

I’ve been slowly switching to using VS Code instead of Atom since that’s what all the cool kids use and I got an invite to the GitHub Copilot trial. It’s been interesting. So far only writing code I could’ve figured out myself, just much faster. Spent a day working on some internal framework stuff which I was excited about because I thought I’d figured out a solution… but I hadn’t. Maybe next time, recursion! Though twitter says recursion is never the answer. Then what is, smarty pants?? Starting over? From scratch? In JavaScript instead of PHP? Madness!

A computer upscaled this. Can you tell?

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