SD 716–745: It’s March I should write. It’s Matt’s birthday and we’re seeing friends I should write. It’s the two year anniversary of everything shutting down I should write. I’m back in the office I should write. I’m having brunch two weeks in a row I should write. The world continues to be bad I should write. I’m playing boardgames with friends I should write. My grandpa passed away I should write. I’m at an all day work event I should write. March is almost done I should write.

As always, there are things I should write and things I’d like to write but I won’t! So how about just some vague sentences and a bunch of photos instead.

Mystery Science Theater 3000’s new streaming platform, The Gizmoplex, had a soft launch! There were technical difficulties.

Matt turned older. There was brunch. His birthday coincides right with the start of the panini and in 2020 was one of the first things that didn’t happen because of everything. Things, as you know, still aren’t normal but we’re using these few weeks of lower recorded cases to pretend the next wave hasn’t already started (even though it most likely has) and to leave the house again.

Personal risk assessment is so fucked. But the big picture is we’re in a similar spot to last July/August when we were doing things in public again. On an individual level we’re in a better place because of boosters but at the macro level… we’re at about a million Americans dead. Shit’s bad! Here’s us having brunch and playing boardgames.

Despite being staying inside for two years really did not play as many board games as we should have.

A post-vaccination goal I never succeeded in last summer was having an iced coffee cocktail at Spilt Milk. I finally did it… after midnight.

And next in the long list of things I’m not properly processing this month/this life, my grandfather passed away last week and I wasn’t able to make it to the funeral. Since we live in the weird future I was able to at least watch a produced memorial video and the full service online. It’s kind of astounding to me this is now technology that even a funeral home in rural South Dakota can support.

Feel kinda weird that I don’t really see my features in this photo. I should ask my dad how old he is here (back middle).

Memorial had this photo of my grandparents, my sister, and me in our living room that I don’t remember seeing before. I wanna know what all of those devices on top of our giant console tv are. I know we had a betamax player but there’s at least four other mystery boxes. Probably weird that that’s what I’m focusing on. But like I said… processing things. It’s on my to do list. For much later.

I’ve also been dizzy again all month after a year or two reprieve from my two years of dizziness. What is going on with mybody! Till we meet again when things have only gotten worse.

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