SD 688–715: February, we hardly ever know ye.

Here again is where I write that I should post these privately or be writing by hand in a journal so I can ~*~really talk about things.~*~ But I’m not. I like that tension of knowing these are public and someone could ruin me by stumbling upon my boring log keeping!

Omicron cases have plunged and COVID levels are back to where they were late July/early August at the start/right before the Delta surge. Mask mandates are ending Monday. Check back in two or three weeks to see if the new Omicron sub-variant wave is beginning.

Russia invaded Ukraine. Watching it play out on Twitter is… weird. I should unpack that. But I won’t. It has been interesting watching backlash to World War III jokes (which also are getting on my nerves) and uwu hard news cycle vibe shift self-care. This is terrible, but it is directly terrible for the people of Ukraine. The people safely reading about it online halfway across the world… less terrible for them. But I’ll balance that by saying it’s a bad omen that could easily portend greater, wider struggles to come. But we’re not there yet. So gotta cope (why do you have to cope) by carrying on as if everything is normal (everything is “normal”).

I feel like I only do two things any more: work and FFXIV. That’s been true for the entire pandemic. I gotta find my way back to some sort of art practice. I could read more. Even watching new tv shows feels more productive than whatever I have or haven’t been doing. I have a big list of “fun” stuff I could be doing that I made last weekend. Can’t bring myself to do any of it. I gotta stop making myself lists. Also, the first item on the list is a pro bono project I probably shouldn’t have agreed to. It’s been dragging on for two years, which I could stop… by doing it. I did the first step a week or three ago!

I once again have made a long list of things for myself that are due for work on Wednesday that I am behind on because of my own dumb brain. It’ll be fine. Maybe.

But what’s important is that I’m 89% of the way to getting my Triple Triad card mount in FFXIV.

Hmm what else. Matt is still having a hard time job hunting. We went to a restaurant for the first time in months on Monday. I’m going into the office this week. I’m guessing we’ll have an update on the return to the office plan very soon. Despite everything, we carry on.

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