SD 660–687: We’ve almost made it to the end of January / how is January already over? So many of these entries have just come down to “what is time, really?” And “why does my neck hurt?” It’s been feeling better for so long, but nothing good can last.

I’ve continued to manage avoiding the Rona (remember when we called it that?). Or else just continued to test negative at home in the narrow window where that’s possible. Not that I’ve lately felt any symptoms lately stronger than mild pain and general malaise.

I got this on January 6th, a week after I’d been in Minnesota. Maybe Applebee’s was a bad idea after all.

Work’s been heavy. I feel like I only work and sleep but I’m not logging more than 50 hours a week so don’t know where my brain’s going in the missing downtime. To television and the critically acclaimed MMORPH Final Fantasy XIV which has a free trial up to level 60 and includes the expansion Heavensward I suppose.

Have been mostly staying during again and avoiding people during this Omicron surge, which thankfully *knock on wood* appears to be ebbing in Illinois. I ran an errand to pick up a Kickstarter reward last weekend which got me in trouble for bringing more glassware home. The weekend before I met Luke and Alison to see the Barbara Kruger exhibit one last time before it goes.

Over the long weekend before that, Dane and I finally cleaned out the closet in the second bedroom and got rid of… mostly empty boxes. We did make some space which allowed me to put a plastic tub that’s been by desk since… July 2019? along with things I cleared out of my desk when leaving Bond in August 2019. So just two and a half years to move something from one spot to another. I really want to move into a bigger place. I don’t think I have the budget or mental fortitude to make that happen yet unfortunately. A new (I assume) neighbor has also started smoking indoors which is coming into our kitchen of all places, which is frustrating. At least it means we can still smell. I think.

We were supposed to go back to the office two days a week starting January 18th. That… did not happen. I think we’ll still get there sooner rather than later, and I’ll start going in voluntarily again once cases come down some more. The whole world just feels stunted because of all of this. I was so excited to be turning my life around in late 2019 and then things took a sharp left turn in 2020. As things do. Maybe I should work on not immediately undercutting everything I say with generic platitudes. Having an opinion or a point of view? What’s that! trolololololol

I’ve got work to do. Blergh I say! Blergh! I typed that and then went to recover my TikTok account that I’ve never used after seeing a TikTok on Twitter and scrolled through a bunch of videos. My brain is definitely broken. I was excited to have no responsibilities this weekend and I’m just gonna waste my time and feel guilty about all the things I am not doing. I love that for myself.

Pretend I put some thoughts about COVID in art here. I’m reading Neal Stephenson’s latest, Termination Shock, and binged all of season two of Work in Progress last night which both reference COVID in very realistic, unexpected ways. People say they don’t want COVID in art. They… are dumb. It sucks, but it’s real life, and because it sucks it’s important to see it represented in different ways to help process and deal with it. I could put real thoughts here, but I won’t. I will just click publish before I forget I’m writing this for the third time.

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