SD 532–558: I was in a good rhythm there for awhile with updates and now here we are almost a month later again! It’s because I’ve been busy living life.*

*working. playing FFXIV. and living life!!!

Let’s see, biggest things to happen in the last few weeks were seeing my second movie, the long Labor Day weekend, followed by three days of attending Pitchfork, with a bonus day off for a dentist appointment and eye exam followed by building a website in a week when I’d usually have a month. My body kind of feels like it’s shutting down right now, which isn’t great! Also, the site launch is still about three weeks off… so we’ve got some more stress to deal with, baby! It’s a good site and I’m proud of the work, but I wish there was more time to make the process feel smoother. But it is exciting to know I can work that fast when needed.

Movie #2 was Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me at the Music Box. And Sheryl Lee and Dana Ashbrook who played Laura Palmer and Bobby Briggs were there for a post-film QA! I dressed up as Log Lady which was a little silly since we didn’t stick around due to the large crowd.

I spent a day WFM (Working From Metaverse).

Pitchfork was good. Only a little weird going to a music festival during a pandemic. I wish they had strictly required vaccinations instead of vaccinations or a negative test. There was some masking in crowded spaces, but being outside I felt about as safe as I could. The crowd ended up being even larger than I expected and lines for food were unmanageable, but I still had a good time.

Soft Pink Truth and St. Vincent were fabulous.

Sliding from a four day weekend into a 60 hour+ work week is not great, I do not recommend it. But what I do recommend is checking out the new Barbara Kruger exhibit at the Art Institute.

The most exciting thing in my life happened at the Kruger exhibit. One of my Sorry, Barbara pieces is in her giant wall pieces that collage together homages/ripoffs to her that she sources from online. Amazing. Life will never be this exciting again. The exhibit is fantastic. There’s a bunch of video and sound work I’d never seen before which was intriguing. There were also original pasteups of some of her most famous work. Seeing the actual handmade collages for pieces endlessly reproduced… very cool! Really cool. I also got new glasses. Exciting times.

Back to the pixel mines! All this work on my plate is keeping me from finish my relic weapon grind in FFXIV. Very unfortunate. And Endwalker will be here before we know it! Time flies when etc.

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