SD 523–531: I’ve been home for a little over a week and a half now and boy are my arms tired. Well. All parts of me are tired. Why am I so tired? It seems like I am sleeping. I don’t think I am sick. Yet I am tired. So tired. All tired. Wake up. Wake me up inside. Can’t wake up. Gotta get up it’s morning. Hmm. Yup.

Insert interesting, insight thoughts here. Nope? Ok.

I’m so old now. How did that happen. Very unfortunate I’ve wasted my life and all.

I cleaned the bathroom yesterday. Just the counter and mirrors. Not the floors, tub, or toilet. Because that would be too long. I still need to put out more insecticide for our yearlong clothes moth infestation. They disappear for weeks and then I’ll see one or two. After returning home last week from our trip first thing I saw was Babycat and then a moth fluttering to greet me in the hallway. SIGH! SIGH!!!!

I should really make these entries private. I don’t want people stealing my important thoughts.

Work last week was good. I was able to dive back in and stayed busy and felt productive. This week has been a struggle though. I’m guessing it’s because none of my deadlines are immediate. Just a big project in October and then a bunch of stuff I have to either finish by next Tuesday or next Friday. I gotta stop complaining and being tired and just dig in and do the work. Part of writing this right now is trying to convince my brain to be productive by mindlessly doing something. Warming up the ole neurons!

Worked in the office last Friday with the team which was great. We went out for dinner afterwards which was a nice bit of pretend normality in these Delta variant times. Went for a two hour walk Saturday and then Sunday night went over to Anne and Renee’s for a season two premiere watch party for Work in Progress. Ugh. That show is so good. Don’t think anyone saw me tearing up during the second episode of this season.

It’s been very hot and humid this week. That’s why I’m tired, right?

Oh on Saturday I also watched the first three Evangelion rebuild movies. Watched the final one Tuesday night. Poor Shinji. Poor Kaworu. Poor half of humanity.

There are big exciting changes in WordPress. Why am I not learning about them and working on them? There are major Shopify changes I’ve been waiting for! Where is my dang motivation.

Slowly making my way through Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell which should very much be my jam (and it kinda is) but it’s a little… slow? I do love overly long books set in alternate past Englands however so I am carrying on! Need to devote some time to it outside of my lunchtime reading period. Need to do many things. Some I will do. Some I will not. Life!

Someone teach me how to find a handyman so I can get things fixed around the house.

Dane’s near the end of week two of his new job and that seems to be going well. I think. Fingers crossed. Matt’s started a new two week bootcamp. We’re all employed! Except for Babycat. Darn slouch.

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