SD 559-610: Oops, I missed October. The ever increasing space between entries means things are back to normal, right? (Things are not back to normal.) We had the late summer Delta surge, then retreat, and now cases are rising again already. It was a short retreat. Long fall, cold dark winter, unending calamity, etc. Gotta love it!!!! Things are the best!

Let’s see, since the end of September I’ve been back to the office a couple more times.

I attended a Halloween party, IRL, with friends.

I spent an entire weekend procrastinating on freelance and finally decorating my private apartment in Final Fantasy XIV, the critically acclaimed MMORPG, which has a free trial that includes the entirety of “A Realm Reborn” AND the award-winning “Heavensward” expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime.

I also completed this entirely unnecessary chain of grinds.

My mom sent Matt this lovely tapestry.

I spent a few weeks rebuilding the Leder Games website for Shopify’s new Online Store 2.0 which made me start dreaming in {{ liquid }} and some fun adventures in manually writing responsive image tags.

And I became trapped in the Facebookmetaverse.

And of course other stuff happened too but I should probably write about that elsewhere more seriously.

Turns out my focus after all this still still is not great. I also attended a virtual WordCamp which was great and saw the Chicago Comics exhibition at the MCA before it was closed. Probably should’ve written more about that at the time. I enjoyed how it rooted the history of Chicago comics back to Dick Tracy. It might just be my personal interests / bias, but I thought the lack of Jeffrey Brown was a huge omission. All of the Chris Ware and Ivan Brunetti work was great to see in person, but Jeffrey rounds out my personal Chicago cartoonist trifecta. The exhibit did do a pretty good job of being more diverse than just a couple of straight white guys, so appreciated learning about all the cartoonists I was not familiar with before.

Oh! But one other big exciting thing that I forgot was I got one of the new MacBook Pros with the M1 Pro chip (y’know, the Pro Pro, not one of the Max Macs). It’s a thicc boi. But oh so quiet. And cool. Not at all like the superheated jet engine that is my 2019 work laptop. Might fuck around and put stickers on a laptop for the first time ever. TBD.

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