SD 509–522: O, Supermaaaaan.

Another trip to Minnesota come and gone. Another COVID wave on the rise. America’s back, baby. I’ve said that before haven’t I?

Trip was good! Trip was stressful! Who can relax! A vacation from this vacation! Why do I write so many of these when I’m so tired!

Car rental worked out well. Reserved a standard size and got upgraded to a 7-seater monstrosity as often happens. We were able to drive Matt’s whole family around Duluth so that was great. And plenty of space for all our luggage. I posted an instagram story that we bought an SUV and way too many people believed it. The internet doesn’t know me at all. 🙁

CON felt weird. Definitely less people than usual, though that was to be expected given everything. Felt reasonably safe despite everything due to the universal masking and vaccine requirements. I feel crazy whenever I go out into public and people aren’t wearing masks. I don’t know what I’m doing. Risk assessment? What’s that.

Duluth! Love it or loathe it, you’ll never leave it or lose it. And I do love it. It was so good to be back after two years. It did not last nearly long enough.

Did a few new things this trip which made it extra great. Glensheen has changed their tour setup and opened up the grounds which were amazing. Hiked from Matt’s mom’s house to Lincoln Park on a trail we’ve never been on. Good stuff!

Lots of things didn’t get a chance to do. As it always happens. Breaks my heart to think I probably won’t be back until next summer.

I worked the last Thursday and Friday of the trip which was fine but kind of a bad choice since it meant I missed out on a beach trip and a bike ride. But I’ve not used the flexibility work from home has allowed to its full extent. Probably because of that whole global pandemic thing.

Got a little (very) on edge a few nights from tiredness. When will I take that vacation where I don’t go anywhere and just sleep 12 hours a day? Does that require a breakdown? Lol.

Being home is nice though. Sleeping better now that I’m back in my own bed but still not long enough. Never enough sleep!!!!

Met up with a friend last night at Big Chick’s. Not sure I should be leaving the house again given everything, but it was a much needed bit of disconnecting on my own terms.

There’s much more to say about my trip but I am le tired.

Going into the office on Friday. Party!

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