SD 488–508: Another few weeks come and gone. Delta cases are spiking, but Chicago had Lollapalooza this past weekend with hundreds of thousands of people so things are A-OK!

Work had a breakthrough COVID case so the office is closed again. Feel like we’ve been here before. Feel like I know more people who’ve gotten COVID after getting vaxxed than got it before. Testing’s more available so that could be a part? We’ve all put our guard way down so we’re just out and exposed to risk more. Delta is super contagious. It all just sucks.

I’m leaving for another trip to Minnesota tomorrow morning. Bit the bullet and saved the economy by renting a car, which is gonna end up costing over $2k. Yay!

And since I made the mistake of feeling briefly excited for the trip this morning, which as a travel anxious person I never do, I was brought back down to earth by a call from my mother who is once again in the emergency room. Fuck. Her recovery from surgery had been going decently, but she was very tired and not enjoying the dietary restrictions. Her vomiting also returned apparently, though it had stopped for a week until this severe flareup. She’s been admitted and they’re monitoring her for a partial bowel obstruction. I really hope it can clear and she doesn’t have to have yet more surgery. She’s faced so much shit in her life. All these health issues just aren’t fair. Life isn’t fair. Etc. It still fucking sucks.

And I’m feeling preemptively selfish because I’m not sure how to manage driving two hours a day to see her in Minnesota with the convention I’m going for in theory. Not really sure how I feel about being in a hotel with 3500 people either. These continue to be bad times! Keep repeating the mantra of “fully masked, vaccination required” as if it even matters with Delta.

Been seeing friends and doing multiple things each weekend, so have attempted to make some use of this breed respite before we return to full apocalypse. Had an intense, Hereditary like experience while at a friend’s Friday night. Well, she did. I shouldn’t stake claim to other people’s tragedies just because I’m present.

Oh. I got my computer back. And the Olympics are happening too. That’s exciting I guess.

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