SD 456–487: Well, I think this is the longest I’ve gone between posts since this all started. I really need to reset the numbering since social distancing is kind of just a well-intentioned thing of the past at this point. Post Vaccine? Post Vaccine Shot 2? Post Fully Vaccinated? Two Weeks After Second Dose? 2WASD? After Dose 2? AD2? Maybe gotta leave that one in the cooker a bit longer.

The past several weeks have had many firsts. Our first company wide get together and outing. My first trip out of Chicago. My first time seeing my mom and sister and family. My first time back on Amtrak. My first time commuting to work again on the CTA. First time seeing Bud and Emily and meeting their kids (not fully the panini’s fault oops). First time throwing up on my shoes at a bar. But since I didn’t write it down as it happened that’s all now lost to the sands of timeeeeee.

it was hot then it was cold

The trip to see my family was really good and really stressful. The Thursday before I left my mom went into the ER with severe abdominal pain and ended up having 28 cm of her intestine removed and a bowel resection Friday afternoon. So I spent the first three days of the trip making visits to the the hospital. She was very thankfully released on Tuesday and able to spend the beginning of her recovery with all of us at Brandi’s. Going to be a long road to recovery ahead and debating if I need to go back sooner rather than later. Maybe! We’ll see how this week goes.

My iMac is once again fucked up. Died right before the last very tough boss in a tough FFXIV dungeon. Lovely timing! Oh no is that a metaphor. I feel like I should have more control over the computer so am I projecting all my anxiety about family onto the computer? Who knows? It’s been a weird two days back to work. Somehow forget what I’m doing with my life when I take a week off. And there’s lots to do! I just gotta do it. Feel like I say that a lot. Hmm.

this dumb bunny broke my computer

Could (should?) probably go into lots more detail about the past few weeks but too annoyed / overwhelmed / stressed / whatever at things right now.

Oh, also after months of declines cases are now going up again thanks to the Delta variant and slow vaccination pace. Watch this space!

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