SD 411–427: Things continue to accelerate! The Monday before last was the 20th anniversary of Construction Paper Angst. This past Tuesday was the date I’m officially fully vaccinated as of. Wednesday was Brandi’s 40th birthday. And yesterday the CDC said you don’t have to wear a mask anymore if you’re a hot bitch.

Sorry, Barbara 2021

Just because the pandemic’s over (it’s not) doesn’t mean you have to stop attending virtual Zoom events (that are actually on Discord).

Last night we went to our first restaurant since March 2020. We sat on the patio (still not quite ready for indoor dining) and it was fine. Weird. Uncomfortable. Awkward. Mostly fine. The patio was covered by a tent which I kinda would’ve preferred more openness but what are you gonna do! Constantly putting your mask up to talk to the server and pulling it down to eat or drink is a bit weird. We need more restaurants with robots and conveyor belts.

Then a friend came over to play boardgames for the first time since late summer / early fall. The reverse culture shock of stumbling back towards normalcy is real.

Oh! we also had two different back yard / patio hangs two weeks ago. But so social plans last weekend. So social events are happening. Weather permitting. Ugh. I feel like I should have more to say but instead here I am. Doing little. Spinning. Spiraling. idk.

I am going to friends tonight to watch the FFXIV Fan Fest keynote. I am wearing an Ewok t-shirt and Pikachu socks. I’d feel cringe if the reason for the social gathering wasn’t so dorky already. Cheugy. A new word to define uncool millennials. And one of the hallmarks of cheugy is “but first, coffee” memorabilia. Fuck. If I was destined to have a legacy it makes sense it’d be something dumb.

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