SD 403–410: “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” 

A certain dumbass said that more than a year ago. Today, the CDC said masks are no longer required for anyone outdoors (in non-crowded areas), everyone immediately got the memo, we had our first 80 degree day of the year, and I got my second dose of the vaccine. Kind of a headspin moment. Speaking of which, I get close to fainting / falling over every time I stand up. Guess dizziness is gonna be one of my big symptoms for dose two! Also a sore arm like before.

Did you know I’m on vacation this week? No? No one else does either. Joke’s on them when I’m too tired to respond to any of the emails that keep coming in tomorrow!


Took this time to prep something for the 20th anniversary of Construction Paper Angst’s debut (yikes). Then thought you know, I could also #msaed each day. I haven’t made anything new yet, but I did fix a few more typos in the CPA complete collection yesterday and order myself a new copy with an ISBN from Blurb for some reason. Kinda think I’m gonna want to make more changes. And then where does that ISBN go? Who knowwwwwws. Truly my George Lucas passion project as I keep tweaking things around the edges for some reason.

Reading through all the strips yesterday I got into it after the initial cringe of the first batch of strips. Kinda amazed at what bad stuff I left / introduced when I last touched it in 2009 and 2012. I legit laughed at a few strips! Though I hate how often it circled back to breaking the fourth wall and going “oh em gee guys we’re in a comic.”

I have a couple ideas of what I want to make next. I have a bunch of strips scripted for CPA: The College Years, but I kinda doubt I’ll have the dedication to fully commit to it. I’d be better off doing smaller, one-off stories that I could touch every few years. Who knows. I’m gonna be lucky if I make even the one anniversary strip I have an idea for. Also wondering if I leave the original strips up forever or if I post the new high res versions I made for print that added some new strips and streamlined some points. Today got kinda stuck on whether I should go and replace a bunch of trees to more clearly delineate the Nethernet vs. Real World since in retrospect it’s all a bit non-sensical.

Since #msaed has run out of steam, why not sink some time into bad comics? Really I should be working on my modern JavaScript. But instead… Final Fantasy XIV. And struggling to stay alive in a pandemic, etc. It’s great how things are always getting worse.

Starting to plan two Minnesota trips for this summer. We’ll see!!

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