SD 428–449: Well, my second pandemic birthday has come and gone. I spent it home alone since Matt and Dane were up in Duluth for a week and a half helping look after Matt’s mom. It was a pretty chill day. My calendar was clear for work but had lots to get through and worked a little later than usual. Also had a lunchtime meeting to checkin on the Leder website.

I did get to go up to Big Chick’s to meet a few friends for drinks. On a weeknight! In a pandemic! It was my first trip to a gay bar after all this. Nice but weird, which is the running theme for life this days. Even ended up doing a small bar hop and went to the patio at the Granville Anvil after Big Chick’s closed. Strangers talked to us! Strange days.

The time home alone was nice. Relaxing and restful. Nice to clean up around the house and have some quiet. I didn’t do anything useful with the time naturally. And all my work was destroyed immediately when Matt and Dane got back. So it goes. It is nice to have them back. Even if they didn’t get me anything for my birthday. And they both went and did things without me this weekend now that they’re back. So that’s fun.

Being home alone was a reminder I can make my own fun! By which I mean going out to three bars and just spending the rest of the time working or on the couch. I have a very rich and fulfilling inner life.

Let’s see. Nothing else too exciting has happened or changed. Work’s going to stay flexible remote with coming into the office totally optional for the time being. I’ll be going in for my first day next Thursday for a team lunch and to try and remember what wearing a belt and working near other people is like. I assume it’ll also be weird! One of the parts I’m least looking forward to is the pain of lugging my laptop back and forth. I used to be able to just leave my computer at work. 🙁 And leave my work at work. 🙁

Gotta do some work tomorrow. Lotsa exciting projects on the horizon and I don’t wanna fall behind. Something something life.

Oh! I had to wake up early the morning after my birthday to traumatize Babycat and take her to the vet. My hangover wasn’t tooooo bad despite not getting nearly enough sleep. Poor Babycat. She was having dental work done so I couldn’t feed her and then had to trick her to get her out from under the bed and into her carrier which she absolutely hates. Poor girl. Everything seems to have gone well though. Vet said she has teeth only dogs have. My little girl is a mutant! Or a puppy. Also I think that was my first time ever talking to a veterinarian? As least it was while being a pet owner. Just a weird thing to think about!

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