SD 378–402: I really should’ve written back on day #381. That’s when I got my first shot (#PfizerHive rise up!) on day two of the new mass vaccination site at the Wrigley Plaza Conference Center.

It was another surreal experience in a year of surreal experiences / lack of experiences. It was very efficient and I was in and out in less than a half an hour. Kinda felt like a mix of SXSW with the line coordination mashed with sci-fi post-apocalyptic group therapy? I say that since in the conference rooms we were in groups of 5 or 6 in chairs formed in small circles where a worker went around giving us our cards, explaining everything, and then vaccinating us one after another before we sat around to wait our 15 minutes to see whether we turned into werewolves or not. Odd! Dane was also able to get an appointment fifteen minutes after mine so was able to come with.

Mom got her first shot. Matt got his second shot. Brandi got the Johnson & Johnson shot a few days before they paused its distribution so that’s been causing anxiety. Patrick got his first shot. After weeks of waiting it seems like everyone was able to finally get their first shot all at once. Cases have still been going up, so now have to wait and see if that curve can be bent with the rapid ramp up of vaccine availability. And this is happening at the same time that friends in Canada are stressed because they still aren’t scheduled to have access for months. America’s only willing to spend its way out of a problem its gotten itself into in the first place.

Finally had a Zoom call with Bridget for the first time in this whole thing. I miss friends.

Several bad things happened in the world. Mass shootings are back, baby!

After several weeks of not feeling motivated to play any games I’ve gotten back into FFXIV in a major, grindy way. We’ll see if I burn myself out with things picking up at work and the possibility of going out into the world again. In a few weeks.

I’m glad I’ll have all these posts to look back on in the future. “Lots of bad shit happened while the world burned but at least there were video games.”

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