SD 240–253: Ahh… two weeks since the networks called the race for Biden and Trump still hasn’t conceded. Cool failing democracy we’ve got here!

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time being anxious on twitter. COVID cases are surging too. Good times in America. We have had super positive news for two vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer… but with no official transition process begun, it’s going to be tough for Biden to hit the ground running in January. Yay!!!!11111

It’s been hard balancing all the stories of “there’s no legal way for Trump to stay in power” with “he’s really trying this and rank and file Republications aren’t saying shit.” When has the law ever stopped Trumpo? Hehe. Trumpo. The typo that finally takes him down.

Been feeling slightly better lately health wise but I seem to be sitting in a way today that’s making me feel like death. Maybe I should sit in a different way. Hmm.

Sebastian turned one. This is going to be the first time in my life I go a year without seeing my mom and sister. We were going to go to a friend’s for a small Thanksgiving, but with cases as they are we’re just going to trade food and go to a park before retiring to our separate homes for dinner. What a fucking year.

this used to be my playground

I had to go clean out my desk at work. It was my first time on the L and in the loop since this all started on Friday, March 13th. So a fitting bookend coming after Friday, November 13th. Not sure when the next time I go back will be. February? March? Riding the train was fine, but waiting on the platform at Clark & Lake was a little frustrating since there were several people without masks and people smoking.

Definitely did feel a little post-apocalyptic being downtown during the day and it everything being so empty. Lots of places were either still or newly boarded up.

We celebrated Life Day on Tuesday. It was weird and lovely. All of these days I’m talking about are out of order because time no longer exists.

We got the gold.

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