SD 222–239: Well, I mentioned holding out long enough on a new post until there was a new president maybe and as expected…

Have pretty much literally spent every waking hour from 6 or 7pm on Tuesday night until this morning glued to my phone waiting for updates on the results of the 2020 presidential election. They told us the count would take longer. They told us there’d be blue shifts due to a partisan split amongst mail ballots. They told us the polls could be wrong again but that Biden’s lead was large enough to overcome. And then we immediately forgot all those things and lived the past several days in a panic. It’s been fun!!! Probably because the polling made it look like we could have a blue wave and… that did not happen.

We held onto the House but lost way more seats than expected. It looks like an uphill battle to at best get a 50-50 Senate with two runoffs in Georgia that could easily not go our way.

But still, the electoral college distorts this! It was historic turnout despite… everything. Biden will win more votes and by a larger margin than any previous president / the last few cycles respectively. Was a dumb, outmoded, frustrating system.

I… did not focus at work at all most of the week. I got several deadlines moved to Monday, but really gonna have to do some work on Sunday to make that happen. Sigh.

Oh, also Halloween happened at some point. Last week? Who knows!

I went to bed early on the night of and didn’t dress up, but luckily we had a work party the night before that I was prepared for.

Topher in Paris

Today’s been a wild celebration, even though most people in my inner circle aren’t all that crazy for Joe Biden. But… it’s hard not to be against Trump? Jesus Christ what a nightmare this country is.

In Joe Biden’s Eorzea, there will be enough housing for all.

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