SD 254–281: Oops it’s been four weeks this time? Been busy trying to determine where this will they won’t they coup will go! Things had started to look better with Trump losing 59 court cases and the Electoral College officially meeting to certify the vote but now Trump’s talking about military council and appointing cuckoo banana puffs as head of a special counsel to investigate election fraud. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh.

Let’s see, what else has happened in life and the world. Cases remain at an all time high and now deaths have caught up too. Oh, I think Thanksgiving happened as well after my last post. We cancelled our in person hang with Luke and Allison but did exchange food to eat separately and walk to a park to to talk outside, in masks and six feet apart. Only social interaction we’ve had and will have for awhile most likely.

The vaccines are here and starting to roll out! Saw today on Instagram a friend who’s a healthcare worker already had his shot. So still hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel but fearing this next few months are going to be quite bad.

Our work holiday Zoom was last week and turned out to be surprisingly fun. Still surprised how much I miss the office even though I’ve fully acclimated to working from home at this point. They sent everyone ugly holiday sweaters which I’m very much in love with.

For December I’ve been doing Advent of Code which was very fun the first two weeks until I got overwhelmed by the complexity of the problems and how busy work has gotten at the end of the year. Maybe I’ll get back into it after Wednesday when I’m off for a week and a half. Been also stressed with an unexpected amount of freelance, between the pro bono theater work I do and some small functionality updates to Leder that have been going on for months. We’re close to the end though, which is great. Fingers crossed I can send an Xmas eve invoice before the end of the year!!

In a period where video games aren’t holding my attention. Maybe too stressed by my to do list? I do have one last complex push for Tuesday… which I probably need to get a start on tomorrow or else I’m not gonna finish it in time. Eesssshshshsh. Most of my Xmas shopping is done now, but I just have to hope everything ships in time. I didn’t finish and order our cards until last Sunday and they shipped yesterday, so hopefully arriving Tuesday… if we drop in the mail Wednesday maybe a couple of people will get them on Christmas Eve. This year!!! There’s no indication things will ever get better! Though that mindset is a trap because if we think things only ever get worse that means everything in the past was better which obviously is not true! Not sure how to be pragmatic about the direness of the current situation without suggesting there was some preferable golden past.

Oh I also updated to Big Sur. That’s very excited, no?

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