SD 204–221: Oopsie doopsie. Kept thinking it was a week, maybe two since my last post… 18 days! We are keeping up with our schedule of seeing one or two people every two weeks, so have done that twice since my last post. No one’s dead yet. Fingers crossed! Lab results finally came back a week after my doctor appointment. Turns out I am 100% that bitch, so will be doing a telemedicine visit on Friday to discuss.

My pr*motion was officially announced at work last week! That’s exciting. Now to actually wrap my head around the additional responsibilities I’ve signed on for. And maybe, finally, I will learn to code. (jokes)

My neck hurts. But you knew that already.

Found out from an instagram story a coworker whose desk was by mine has COVID. The future’s weird. Though, to be clear, I have not seen a coworker since March.

I watched Emily in Paris. Lovecraft Country ended. I finished Schitt’s Creek. I’m working my way through the end of The Good Place. Did I mention watching the third season of Mr. Robot and being kinda… meh on it? Fourth season is up now so we’ll see what happens there!

It was a long week at work last week. Got pulled into a landing page which ended up being on the complex side due to an interactive quiz and PDF generation component. It’s now mostly finished after some long days so today has been kind of a technical comedown while I work up motivation to move on to the next project.

Also finally figured out some complex things for the L*der G*mes website. They’re not pushed live, but I think it’s close. It will be nice to have that taken care of. Not really eager to ever do more freelance since it stresses me out. Will I ever get back to my own creative pursuits? Nah. There’s FFXIV events to grind!!!! Though after being almost caught up with current endgame content I’ve once again stalled out on trial. Time to watch a video and do it by myself I guess.

I got my Oculus Quest 2. I took it out of the box, powered it up, saw all my Oculus Go games didn’t transfer like I thought, and then basically put it away and haven’t touched it since. I’d say where does the time go, but I know where it goes. Work. Twitter. FFXIV. Anxiety spirals. Twitter. And a few hours of tv late into the night for good measure. But only rewatching old cartoons. Must not consume too much too content, lest you better yourself culturally.

Sad that I finished William Gibson’s Agency. It was very good. Then I sped through the last two Paper Girls graphic novels which are good but not groundbreaking. Still kind of strange to me it seems to be an all male team that made it. I started reading The 99% Invisible City which I didn’t really intend to read cover to cover, but looks like that’s where we’re at. I’m going to read the books The Expanse is based on next, but I’m worried by how long they are. I say as I’m in a 400+ page coffee table book that could take me a month. I bought a recordable greeting card to make content for Twitter with it, but I still haven’t. Also got some vacuum bags for clothes and sheets to protect them from moths but haven’t done that yet! On the weekend I just wanna not do anything and during the week it feels like there’s no time. Except we’re in a pandemic and we’ve got nothing but time!

The election is two weeks from today. If I stick to my recent schedule, will I write again before we know who the next president is?

Neck still hurts.

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