SD 190–203: Hooooo boy. Well, Trump and Melania have COVID, so that’s something new!

The site I’ve been killing myself all summer (and I guess fall now) at work finally launched Wednesday evening, and it’s been received extraordinarily well, so that’s really exciting! But now it’s making me paranoid. Like… launch went too well after all the stress in the lead up, so what did I fuck up? Or what’s gonna fuck up on the site? Only time will tell! Need to write a WordPress plugin to automatically delete every cliché from this blog.

Let’s see, what else has happened in the past two weeks. Had another socially distant hang with friends two weeks ago to watch Northern Exposure on a projection screen set up in their backyard. I think two friends are coming over for an indoor hang tomorrow which makes me nervous, but I guess that’s where we are. Restaurants and bars are open again, but we’re still not eating out and probably won’t until a vaccine.

Felt like I was having a heart attack during my lunch walk on Monday so finally scheduled my long overdue annual checkup, which got bumped up to the following day. Took my first Uber since February or March to get there. Did a really poor job of explaining my symptoms. Med student looked freaked out (over his mask at least). Doctor didn’t seem concerned though. I haven’t gotten test results back yet though, so I can just continue to be anxious about that. Got my flu shot as part of it and didn’t pass out while a different med student dug for my veins to draw blood. Then walked halfway home and grabbed the bus on Fullerton for the last bit for my second time riding the bus since March.

Briefly played a lot of For the King on PS4 with Matt and Dane. Oh, pulled out the PSVR for the first time in forever and played some Minecraft which was really cool. Also played a little No Man’s Sky, but it had been so long I’d forgotten some controls and all the text was really blurry. Might try again after playing non-VR to get reacquainted. Also played a little Vacation Simulator, though I need to get back to it since I didn’t play long. I do feel like it made my dizziness come back, but is that coincidental with fall allergies? Trying to just do the Epley maneuver at home to balance it out.

Watched Invisible Man. It was bad. Watched the third season of Mr. Robot. What the fuck? Watched the first two episodes of Raised by Wolves last night. What the fuck? Lovecraft Country has definitely grown on me, but it’s had some really uneven episodes. Still annoyed by the editing of the magic trip from Boston back to Chicago through the basement.

Finished William Gibson and Bruce Sterling’s Difference Engine. Steampunk! Hmm!! It was good. Then read Gibson’s first graphic novel, Archangel, which I enjoyed but it wasn’t exactly what I thought it was. But now I’ve started reading Agency which I am very much enjoying, especially as a followup to The Peripheral. I’m liking his work more and more the further I get away from Neuromancer. Oops. Excited to play around with the Quest 2 when it arrives and get back into VR. Gonna force myself to finally try and make some web VR experiments. It’s something I say I’m really interested in! Put up or shut up!

It’s too cold to wear shorts now. 🙁

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