SD 173–179: I’m on vacation! In my home! Sitting at the desk I sit at all day for work! And I spent my first day of vacation working 10 hours! Wooooooo! It’s fine. It’s fine. The timing of some edits last week didn’t work out great but I didn’t want to saddle my coworker with having to handle all my shit on top of his so it was important to get it done. I was able to not work Saturday–Monday and have been making up for lost time reading more and playing more video games. No useful creative or home endeavors, but it’s better than just staring at twitter.

I did spent much of Saturday being annoyed, but I got over it. Depression? Anxiety? Not being able to take a real vacation or see family sucks, as much as I’m happy to acclimate so well to being homebound. I am increasingly worried by the idea that there’s no “after” to this current situation. But we’ll see! Seems like things can and will only get worse!

Had another boulevard picnic dinner with Andy Thursday night that was a relief from the stress of the week but did push a few hours of work into Friday that I could’ve done then instead. But the timing really didn’t matter at that point since it just needed to be done for Tuesday. I should stop writing about work because I am trying not to do any this week. Except I have to finish a manager review which I could’ve also finished before my time off. And I have a bunch of freelance work for my bro-in-law that I committed to this week because I’m a dumb dumb incapable of relaxing!!!

Ugh, someone needs to run Seat of Sacrifice with me so I can finish the 5.3 patch content for FFXIV and feel like I’ve accomplished something (virtually) with the past two years of my life.

After never really gelling with Neuromancer and being slow to get into the first half of Count Zero, I really enjoyed the third book of the Sprawl trilogy, Mona Lisa Overdrive. That got me excited enough about William Gibson to order The Peripheral, the first book in his newest trilogy which is oddly prescient will all the shit going down. I tore through that in less than a week and have now ordered the second book and a graphic novel that I think takes place in-between the two? In the meantime, I just started The Difference Engine last night which he cowrote with Bruce Sterling in 1990. I’ve been fascinated with Sterling since first seeing his SXSW closing keynote in 2013 I think? I don’t think I made it in 2012. I wonder if COVID has his reevaluating his “old people in big cities afraid of the sky” prediction.

I didn’t realize The Difference Engine was a Steampunk precursor when I ordered it. It feels a little silly so far, but I’ll probably end up getting into it. I also read through Adrian Tomine’s The Loneliness of the Long Distance Cartoonist last night which was really touching (and does a nice job of balancing the world being an asshole to him versus him being an asshole). I don’t think I knew it was a memoir when I ordered it? I love to just order books from authors I like without actually seeing what they’re about first. Immediately after finishing it I looked at my phone and saw an email from my old Art of the Memoir professor with this photo:

She also wrote “check out this threesome” which, lol.

Had my first viral tweet this week! I assume since it references a movie from the past year and a tweet from a few days prior it’ll be completely incomprehensible if I ever look back on it in the future.

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