SD 170–172: I’ve decided to pool all my risk into a tight little 24 hour period. Yesterday for the first time since March I:

  • Went to a Target
  • Left Logan Square
  • Rode in a car
  • Swam in a pool
  • Went to a friend’s house
  • Stayed out after dark (ok this one was the second time)

And then this morning I:

  • Walked down Fullerton to Ashland
  • Had a dentist appointment
  • Rode the CTA

Wild times!! All this was masked, minus the pool part and when I was getting my teeth cleaned. The dentist was very surreal. The office has been completely repainted since I was there six months ago, the desks all have new plastic shields put up, and the waiting room was missing most of the chairs and the tables where you’d normally see magazines were all empty. My normal hygienist and dentist were also not there, which was a little unsettling considering I’ve been going there for… ten years? Floors were redone too in the exam rooms and there were air purifiers everywhere. These are probably good changes to continue anyway, but I wonder what post-COVID will look like.

That’s a trick question because there is no post-COVID!

There were only a few people on the bus and everyone was wearing a mask, but one old man did have his nose sticking out. >:(

Now to wait two weeks and hope I don’t develop any symptoms. No cavities though! I got X-rays which I didn’t last time. I skipped the eye exam I was supposed to have in March and haven’t felt compelled to reschedule (it’s in a Target, which I feel makes it worse. I haven’t been to that Target since March).

I’m quite hungover today which is adding to the kinda dreamlike state and having that interrupt my morning has made getting into work mode very difficult. Maybe I need to take a nap and then just stay up until 1am working like I normally do.

Made my first pixel portrait in months to celebrate Latif Nasser’s Connected on Netflix. Watch it!

Also remixed this old Beyoncé gif to weigh in on the question, “Can you Benford Beyoncé?” I’m pretty sure you can! Someone needs to do the math!

Also here’s an insane meme I contributed to a new format. Beware the past!!!

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