SD 155–169: Wowza! Didn’t mean to let another two weeks fly by but I guess work’s still keeping me a busy little bb. Do I even have anything to report? Hmm, last Friday had a socially distanced picnic on the boulevard with Andy which lead to being out after dark for the first time since March. So many crazy things are about to hit the six month mark. Six months since going to a restaurant, six months since using a bathroom that wasn’t in my home, six months since going to the office, six months since you laughed at me…

We’re officially not expected back at the office for rest of the year, though we can go in if we want. I still don’t quite feel safe with the CTA so I haven’t been. Oh yeah, six months since I’ve ridden the CTA. I have my six month dentist appointment checkup on Tuesday which I confirmed. Let’s see if I chicken out at the last minute! Also have a friend’s outdoor socially distanced birthday Monday night which I feel kinda weird about. But maybe I have to go back to living somewhat normally at some point? Precautions are being taken. But still… doesn’t seem like enough!

Creeping authoritarianism isn’t so much as creeping as just being right here now.

Chadwick Boseman died yesterday which was unexpected and sad.

This happened this week for the first time ever in our weekly treasure map runs on FFXIV:

Exciting times at the end of the world! Got a really exciting Ardbert meme I gotta find the motivation to finish. I also started my first pixel portrait in ages but I haven’t actually finished it. I’ve got nothing but time but it’s still not enough time? If I condensed all these entries down it’d just be that line over and over.

Can you trigger an aneurysm by yawning weird?

Been tired this week and my throat keeps feeling scratchy. We are all dying. Sad. 🙁

After taking since the start of the pandemic to finish reading William Gibson’s Count Zero, I’ve been tearing through Mona Lisa Overdrive. The Sprawl Trilogy is weird. Neuromancer is a huge cyberpunk cultural touchstone… but it was practically incomprehensible to me. I was really slow getting into Count Zero (maybe because I was reading it so slowly) but I finally got into it at the end. And I’ve been really enjoying Mona Lisa Overdrive from the start. Gibson has a new trilogy in progress now that sort of seems to be about current tech, time travel/parallel universes, and what if Hillary Clinton won? I’m intrigued but not sure if I should spend a year reading only Gibson after spending so much time reading only Neal Stephenson. I’ve got all the Expanse books on my shelf and they look chonky. Need to find authors who write shorter books!

Remember when I didn’t use so many exclamation points? You don’t because that time never existed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Responsibilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do the work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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