SD 146–154: And we’re back to somehow losing more than a week when writing these and also writing when I’m just about ready to fall asleep! My last big work crunch was over a week ago… I should probably be back up to normal speed but seems like I’ve been getting less sleep and been more tired despite being less busy. Stress!!!! I guess part of the issue is I work better on crunch (I think) in that it’s easier to motivate myself when I know a timeline is bearing down. When I’ve got 1–2 weeks to do something versus when it’s due in 1–2 days, my ability work is much different. Dumb shit!

It was an exciting (“exciting”) week however. On Tuesday Final Fantasy XIV dropped patch 5.3 and WordPress updated to 5.5. Big things! Wrote myself a note questioning if I still needed Gutenberg (the standalone plugin). Decided I don’t! Gonna try and make the theme framework we use for work a little more stable by not living on the bleeding edge of Gutenberg. Still to need collect some code snippets for the ACF blocks I’ve been building so they can be easily reused without having to start from scratch each time. There’s a lot about Gutenberg I really like that I just haven’t been spending the time to implement on our sites.

I binged Latif Nasser’s Connected on Netflix last weekend and really, really enjoyed it. It inspired me to attempt my first pixel portrait in ages, but I got frustrated that it doesn’t look right and I haven’t spent the time to finish it yet. Even though it’s been a week! And I’ve been working less! What am I doing with my time??? Benford’s Law! WTF! Gotta find a way to figure out the word count distribution of all my blogs.

One thing I’ve been wasting by time with (in addition to my nightly FFXIV) is rewatching Halt & Catch Fire which remains great. Being angry at Matt for dumb reasons like like the sound he makes eating a popsicle or sitting quietly on the couch at night looking at his phone instead of going to bed. I’m sure I do annoying things do. We maintain a strong relationship by never, ever talking about it. Lol.

There was looting again in Chicago Sunday night / Monday morning which I learned about via a work email saying not to come into the office due to civil disturbances. Nice little dystopia we’ve built ourselves this year. I haven’t been going into the office regardless to be clear. I’m not happy with the city’s response to shut down transit and raise bridges every night.

Dane put in his two weeks at work.

I feel a little worried like I need to be making more money but what would I do with it? I’ve been watching HGTV again and dreaming of a bigger place, but that seems like an unobtainable amount of money and an amount of stress that would end me for good.

The US Postal Service is collapsing, so that’s fun. We’re pretty much fucked. As much as I feel that way now, everything is telling me the future is only going to continue to get worse and worse. I do feel like my sense of technology plateauing has become a bit unstuck by the current crises, but all that means is Zoom and Google are releasing new features faster.

At least WordPress has native lazy loading for images now. Which Safari doesn’t even support. Sigh. Excited about technology but can’t even bring myself to write a few lines of CSS this week. Maybe I’m just in a depression lull since at least during anxiety phases I can still be productive.

Oh lol, there was a giant historic derecho on Monday that took down over 7,000 trees in Chicago with confirmed tornado touchdown up in Rogers Park. Our power flickered a few times but surprisingly never went out completely. None of the trees right by us came down but two blocks away on the boulevard a ton went down.

I feel like something else happened in the past week but I’m blanking on what exactly. Everything happens so much.

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