SD 136–145: Where does the time go? WHERE? TELL ME. TELL ME.

Very busy work week last week. This week has settled down a little, but still lots to get done for a big deadline tomorrow.

let dead don't res him

Animal Crossing time has almost come to a standstill FFXIV time is increasing once again. Still no time to fit creativity into the cracks between work and video game work.

Oh right, the big things that happened in the last week and a half or so are the 25th anniversary of The Net, the 20th anniversary of MyrthCo, and the first anniversary of leaving my old job and subsequently the first anniversary of starting my new job. They’re sending me something in the mail. I hope it’s champagne. I don’t drink enough champagne these days.

git struggles

I’m gonna put together a timeline post of the evolution of MyrthCo (I took a bunch of screenshots!) but that’s not quite ready yet. I always feel a little restless after leaving a super crunch time in work. You mean I have time to breath? How does that work!!

You push. I’ll go.

This happened too (spooOOOOoooOOOooky):

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