SD 120–135: Another fortnight lapse! But I still haven’t started playing Fortnite. Things happened. Time progressed. Everything changed. Nothing was the same. Things are exactly the same. A not great thing happened on Monday. If this was actually private instead of public without zero readers I’d talk about my real feelings, but instead I’ll just be vaguely liable. That doesn’t make sense. Remember livejournal? After seeing that Revenge of the Sith came out the day I left England (and not when I was in high school like I thought) this morning, I had to use this site this morning to confirm that I saw it on my first day back in America. Weird! I said it was “good but not great.” Lol ok.

Had my second socially distant hang with friends since the pandemic yesterday. A picnic on the boulevard outside Parson’s. Part of me wouldn’t mind actually dining on their patio, but it’s a risk and not a risk I have to take… so we will continue not dining at restaurants.

Last weekend was my first relaxing weekend in a long time. The new Leder Games site launched successfully on the 14th, so most of my stress is gone in that regard. Have some phase 2 changes to discuss this week and some complicated JavaScript I said I’d figure out.

Work’s a lot busier again so my perception is time is about to speed up too. Maybe I’ll be busy enough to actually do some side projects! Probably not since FFXIV is a full time job.

I bought an Apple Watch. Is that new since last post? Hmm, looks like it’s not! Still no sign of arrhythmia. Just a sore neck, sore back, and a right leg that keeps falling asleep. Keep meaning to google what a brain aneurysm feels like. We’ve been watching a lot of MythBusters. Grant Imahara’s sudden death is so sad. So much death lately. Global pandemics are funny like that! Every time I write “global pandemic” I’m like… is that redundant? Global pan? Silly language!

Always seems like I should have more to say when it’s been two weeks! I’m stressed. I’m anxious. Keep thinking I’m dying. Not doing much about it. Being reasonably productive with work, so that’s good. Not doing much creatively. I didn’t buy turnips last week in Animal Crossing (or today for that matter) which means I no longer feel compelled to check in every day. Burned myself out on the tedious gameplay loop, so need to get some free time to go back in and start building again instead of just doing chores. Trying to actually move through the story in FFXIV to finish Shadowbringers and get current with the upcoming patch (after playing for almost two years already!). Got a ways to go since I keep taking extended breaks to do tedious crafting projects instead. I do love my tedium! Until I stop to think too much about it.

Would really like to be doing some meaningfully creative work, but… that’s not happening. Pulled in a few directions, between wanting to get back on the #msaed horse but knowing that’s just shitposting, doing miniature painting for the first time since middle school but worried about it going poorly and also feeling tedious, and I don’t know what. Really I should be drawing. Would love to paint, but that feels like an insurmountable amount of work. Even getting back into pixel art would be great. I got two commission emails I completely ignored because of work. Sigh. Also so much to do around the house that just stresses me out so things just fall further and further into disrepair. That’s a little dramatic, but partially true. We’ve been here for six years! How is that possible! I thought it was crazy when we were in the last place for five years since I’d only lived in a place for a year at most since turning 18 and leaving home for college.

I’m sure other things happened but they will be unknowable to my future self since they are even unknowable to me now less than two weeks after they happened! Neat! I love mess!

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