SD 108–119: Oops went almost two weeks without a blog. Society’s still on fire, so nothing’s changed there! Had my first socially distanced hang with Andy and Martina on the Boulevard the Thursday before the 4th of July holiday weekend. It was weird sitting on our individual picnic blankets six feet apart from each other. I don’t know if it was just because I was distracted by work, but felt weirdly detached during the experience. Could be a bad sign of social awkwardness to come in the future.

I’ve been very busy balancing the demands of a full time job and being a mother, meaning I’m once again writing while utterly exhausted. Just want to sleep and feel normal but I’ll never feel normal again!

The fourth was weird. Stayed inside all day like we do every day as there was nowhere to go and nothing to celebrate. Opened the blinds to watch some of the fireworks, but the fireworks have been a constant all summer so even that wasn’t all that different.

This website has turned out to be so incredibly much more work than expected. And I’m just reskinning an existing site! There are less than 10 content pages!

Been playing a fair amount of FFXIV, but I’d be playing much more if not for this site. Work’s picked back up again and I keep getting new projects. I’m still checking into Animal Crossing twice a day, but definitely playing much less than before. Still not making any art or using the paints I got for my birthday.

Since I’d convinced myself I had a heart murmur but was too anxious to go to the doctor I decided to buy myself an Apple Watch. The ECG app says my rhythm is normal every time I anxiously check it. Not just decided my feet looking weird and my right leg falling asleep means I have diabetes.

Maybe in another year I’ll feel safe enough to go to the doctor. Or I’ll be dead. Either or!

Taking Monday off to finish up this site which will launch Tuesday morning. There’s a lot of phase 2 requests. Oof. At least I’ll be able to send an invoice for this work!

I have mixed emotions about having taught myself Shopify and liquid for this project. Will I ever Use Shopify again? Not sure! Liquid is used for other things, so that could potentially be useful. And it’s just another example for myself that I can pick up new CMSs easily.

I taught myself the basics of Greensock in an afternoon for a project for work this week, which was exciting. I was feeling so confident about my growing CSS animation skills only to realize doing any sort of complexity with SVGs was gonna end in pain. I’d like to start making weird personal web experiments. Always been in the back of my mind to use to job skills creatively, but haven’t been successful in executing on anything. Gotta finish budUI someday.

See you later, me.

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