SD 100–107: Eh. Stressed about work and freelance. Feel like I’m dying. Same old, same old! Some days my neck hurts, some days my back hurts, some days I feel like I’m gonna pass out and have a heart attack. It’s fun! We can eat inside restaurants now!

I got the new chair I ordered back in May that threatened not to ship until August. My lower back has newly started hurting since getting it, but hopefully that’s just from a period of adjustment. It’s very adjustable. All my mistakes are my own. Why am I finding it so hard to work? Oh yes, pandemic burnout.

Do I have anything real to share from the past week? Still not seeing people. Still not eating out. Still not going into the office. I actually was reasonably on task and productive this week, it’s just I have so much to do that I feel weird when I only work the expected amount. It’s not great. I think I’ll do my tedious time tracking after this to ease myself into some productivity. My next work deadline is Tuesday and freelance is Wednesday. I need to make some progress tonight, but I don’t have to kill myself. Just wish I was better about moving things forward on the weekend or else not moving them forward and being ok with that.

That paragraph except in a way that makes sense.

Think about it, man.

Being a bad uncle and not playing Minecraft with my niece every night. As I said, I don’t know how to manage my time!!! Or my falling apart body!!

This blog is roughly as helpful as just writing “fuck fuck fuck” over and over on some paper. Which I’ve done! And it’s great!!

At least I finished building my second submersible in FFXIV.

And got a cute swimsuit.

The two are unrelated. Don’t want video games to be too immersive. Submersive. Swimming’s coming to Animal Crossing next week! Oh, and it’s a short week thanks to the Fourth of July. So that’s something.

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