SD 94–99: Well, I’m going back to the office Monday. I think. But just for the one day. Honestly, I shouldn’t and the requirements sound terrible but I kind of want to experience what reality is like for a little before retreating to my work from home bubble.

Another big week! Supreme Court revealed it’s illegal to be straight and that all Dreamers are citizens and everyone else is not.

I worked for 14 hours Thursday for a meeting that got cancelled Friday morning on a project that might not happen anyway. Yay. It was a long week. I need to get more shit done this weekend. My freelance project deadline got moved 2–3 weeks, which is a godsend, because it is taking much more time than expected. It’s a learning experience, but how useful is the knowledge?

Adobe updated all its app icons!!!

Animal Crossing continues to shove its heterosexual llama agenda down my throat.

My least favorite resident from the last Animal Crossing game found me at my campsite today, a day after another resident just moved out. I s2g if she moves in…

I addition to my required 1–2 hours a day doing important Animal Crossing maintenance, I’m getting back into FFXIV crafting and gathering. Love too be tedious in video games.

Sigh. Bad things are bad. Matt and Dane went to Tara’s for a socially distant yard hand which I was freaking out about because I thought I had to go when I have so much work to do (of which I’ve done none so far fyi!!!) but then they just said bye and left and I was like… oh fuck. What are communication skills?

My neck is kinda hurting again but kinda better? I am forever dying but not dying?

If I tracked every hour of my day would I be more productive or more stressed? Didn’t get enough sleep this week and still feel bad about what I didn’t get done.

Open the document. Do the work. Otherwise, get away from the computer.

This has been on my desktop for a big, so I should probably just post it so I can delete it. B-town’s being invaded by the ANTIFA. Hope they survive.

Did I have a dream about CPA Watchmen comics last night? Maybe! I do semi-seriously want to restart the comic on the 20th anniversary next year. A part of that was going to be re-running the old strips leading up to it, but I’m now about 20 days too late to post everything in time. So I dunno. There’s even more emotional landmines there than there used to be.

Never gonna write a memoir because I feel too guilty talking about other people’s shit even if I acknowledge it’s my interpretation of it. Maybe I gotta get back into reading other people’s to see how they handle it.

It’s more like I know I have unresolved issues and writing said memoir would require contacting people to be responsible and I’m not ready to have that conversation, y’all!!!

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