SD 88-93: How does my motivation to write these correlate so closely to the exact moment my brain empties of all recent memory?

Let’s see, still got a shit ton of work to do that I continue to procrastinate to avoid.

People are returning to the office tomorrow, but I am not.

I kind of want to go eat on a patio, but Matt is very opposed so I guess that’s not happening. Wouldn’t mind him and Dane disappearing to do some socially distant hangs with people while I stay home alone though!!!

I finally finished Stormblood in FFXIV, so that’s very important.

My island in Animal Crossing still isn’t 5 stars. 🙁

Should I buy this?

The PS5 was officially revealed. That’s cool, rite?

I was feeling better again then I had a date where I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack / my heart would just stop completelyy.

That sentence could be written better.

Sh*pify’s dev experience is kinda ridiculous. That’s a valid reason to procrastinate, right?

Taking Tuesday off in hopes of finishing everything for Wednesday. It does sound like the it might be fine if the deadline gets pushed some, which is good… ugh, I am fucking this up. Where does the time go?

Got a big work deadline on Friday which felt like a long ways away but is now suddenly coming fast!


I feel more stressed after writing this!

I updated a 10 year old indexhibit site this week! For no good reason! Well, it wasn’t compatible with PHP7 which my host is switching to completely soon… but I could’ve just let the site die. I updated a 10 year WordPress site this week too to remove some stuff for a friend and realized it had a ton of unmaintained plugins and possibly was hacked in a boring way? Who knows!

I am annoyed about having to eat dinner at the dinner table which is very dumb but I am an adult and I want to eat in front of the fucking tv!!! I’ve earned it!! This is a bad post!

I have a stomach ache. 🙁

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